Sunday, December 4, 2011

Sunday Salon

Welcome to the new Sunday Salon. A weekly update post about my boring life. ;)

Weather Small Talk: We finally got a little snow, just a skiff and it's all melted now.

On The Idiot Box: Not too many new shows this week. The mid season finale of Supernatural was on Friday night but I was at the Christopher Paolini signing so I didn't see it. I'll have to catch up on that one later today.

Weekly Reads: After all that stress about finishing the Inheritance books on time I didn't. :( Oh well, it was starting to ruin them for me so I took it easy. I did manage to finish Brisingr and started the fourth book.

Crazy Kitty: Maybe she's trying to get warm or my nagging about her weight has gotten to her, but she's been super frisky lately. Chasing all her balls around and going bezerk when I get the laser pointer out. She keeps pulling little pieces of my bathroom rug out and playing with them too.

Movie of the Week: I let myself be convinced into going to see Arthur Christmas.(I did NOT want to see it) I was pleasantly surprised. It was really funny and besides, the cute James Mcavoy did the voice of Arthur.

Food Talk: I'm so obsessed with provolone cheese at the moment. I can't help but feel bad for anyone that has to be around me after I've consumed it, though. It does kinda smell like barf. ;)

Soccer Sightings: So my favorite current player for Real Madrid started in the game yesterday and came oh so very close to scoring but was thwarted at the last moment. :( After he got substituted they showed him on the bench with the saddest expression. I hate when they show us that! I'm thinking they need someone to sit on the bench during games and comfort those poor boys cause, unlike the coach, I'd do it for free. ;)

Music Discoveries: This isn't a new discovery for me but I'm posting it for you, Suey. ;) So now you can shake your head in concern that this is my favorite Muse song.

Question of the Week: I'm trying to serve more but, in my opinion, serving is not easy. It's mind numbing misery that should make you want to die! Is that a messed up way of thinking? It's hard to put myself through that every day but just smiling at someone or making a phone call to a depressed friend just doesn't feel like service to me.


  1. Thanks for posting the song! I was telling myself over and over to remember to look it up and now I don't have to! :) I like it, but I don't love it like I love some of their others. I have posted my latest Muse song that I love, right? Here it is in case you forgot it:
    The bass KILLS me in this song.

    A smile and a phone call is serving. Really it is, because you never know how much that might help someone.

    Keeping my fingers for you on that soccer player comforting job! :)

    I hope you plan to post more about Christopher. I want to know more about what you thought of it all.

  2. Suey, Hey! I hadn't heard that song and I do like it. How exciting!
    I keep telling myself that those little acts are service but it still doesn't feel like it.
    Yeah, if I HAD a dream job, that would be it. Sigh!

  3. Is it weird that the child still within me wants to go see Arthur Christmas lol? I thought it looked cute! And even if you didn't finish the Inheritance books on time I'm still impressed! Those things are super long!

  4. Natalie, Give in to that inner child. It was way cute! I'm impressed with myself too. And now that I'm not so rushed I'll probably enjoy the fourth one much more.

  5. I LOVE MUSE! My brother played one of the albums I don't have on my iPod for me recently and it was just awesome. :)

  6. You're so lucky you got some snow. We don't even get a pinch of snow! And Muse is just amazing! My favorite is Starlight! :)

  7. hope you had fun at the signing! I really wanna go see Arthur Christmas, so I gotta go check that one out :) <3 James McAvoy :D

  8. How did the Christopher Paolini signing go? Was it as enjoyable as you'd hoped? I'm still obsessed with kids movies so I'm dying to see Arthur Christmas :) Those poor soccer boys. I'll sit on the other side of the bench from you and we can cheer them up together!

  9. Glad you didn't beat yourself up with getting the reading done in time for the signing - I find imposing any sort of rules/deadlines on my reading tends to kill it for me.

    Love Muse! Great song. :)

    I haven't gone to a movie in ages (Breaking Dawn doesn't count! LOL) but I'm really looking forward to Hugo. Think I'll take my son...glad you had fun with Arthur Christmas. Sometimes the movies we expect the least from prove to the be the most entertaining...