Monday, February 5, 2018

Review: The Way of the Superior Man

Title The Way of the Superior Man
By David Deida
Genre Adult self help non fiction
Format Audio
Rating ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

See second part of title. A Spiritual guide to mastering the challenge of women, work, and sexual desire.

First Sentence
It's Never going to be over, so stop waiting for the good stuff.

I know most of you could care less what I have to say about his book. I know it's not the typical type of book us book bloggers tend to read. But I liked it enough to decide I wanted to review it and also to let you know it's not what it looks like.

I bet this book doesn't consider itself a "self help" book. It calls itself a spiritual guide. Which probably turns a lot of people off. My husband would call it, hippy-dippy mumbo jumbo, if he looked at the title. And while it is a bit "hippy-dippy" I found it much more "self help" then it probably wants to be considered.

As you can see from the title, this book is written for men. I heard it was a very good insight into men so I decided to read it.

My conclusions are this: This is a self help book. It offered insights into women that made me cry because they were so spot on (for me). It also does have this beautiful spiritual guide side. It talks about the feminine and masculine in all of us. Yes. Men aren't just masculine and women aren't just feminine. We are both. I could see so clearly the feminine in myself for the first time in my life and to have it explained in the way he explained it made me cry. I guess the masculine in me isn't very in tune with the feminine because, damn, I'm hard on myself.

Anywho! This was a beautiful book and it opened my eyes and mind to new ideas and for that I loved it.

As a side note, I listened to this one and the one I listened to said it was The Teaching Lessons so there's a good chance I didn't hear the complete book??? I'm not sure. I'm tempted to buy the print book so I can see if it's the same as the audio I listened to.

Should you read it
 If you want an inside look at the feminine and masculine in both yourself and your significant other, I'd highly recommend it. It's very easy to read and understand.


  1. Cool that you got so much out of this book. It's not one I would ever have picked up. Kudos to you. :)

  2. This book is new to me. It sounds like it was a really great read.

  3. Sounds like a good book, and I'm sure us guys would learn a lot if we read it. :) But it's nice that it has insights for both men AND women.

    1. I wish I could have got my husband to read it. It was a good insight for men into women and a good insight for women into men.

  4. Not a book I'd pick up, but this sounds like an interesting book and I'm glad you liked it in the end.

  5. Not a book I'd pick up, but this sounds like an interesting book and I'm glad you liked it in the end.

    1. Yeah, it's not my usual read either. I'm glad I read it though.

  6. I'm glad you liked it and that it made an impact. :)

  7. This is definitely not my kind of book, but I'm glad you found it insightful and beautiful. That's always nice :)