Wednesday, August 17, 2011

My ridiculousness on display

So, I first "met" Lan from The Write Obsession just last Friday by participating in Follow Friday and, boy, am I glad I did! Lan and I are long lost soul mates. Well, long lost cartoon guy lover soul mates, anyway. Yes, I admit it, I often find cartoon guys totally hot! It's embarrassing, it's ridiculous, but it happens. So I dedicated this loosely book based post to Lan. ;)

I say loosely book based because I've often fallen for hot cartoon guys on book covers too. And since this is technically a book blog I thought I should at least think of a few guys that have something to do with books. Right? Well, if I haven't scared you away yet you may read on.

Gambit from X-Men. Sorry, I can't help it. Not only do I love his red eyes hot accent and lovely locks, I love Gambit's loyal attitude, sense of humor, and adoration for Rogue.

Darien from Sailor Moon. I've only ever watched one anime before and it was Sailor moon. Why? Hello! Look at that black haired blue eyed hottie!

Vincent from Final Fantasy. So dark and mysterious. Be still my beating heart. I can't even look at pics of him without feeling swooney.

Stronghand from The Crown of Stars series. See? I'm talking about books. ;) I enjoyed this series and Stonghand and Alain were the main reasons. Then the fifth book came out with Stronghand on the cover. Swoon! 

Drizzt from The Legends of Drizzt. Hey, another book.  I mentioned his lavender eyes in a post a few days ago but I just love the whole rest of him too. In fact, the pictures on the covers are what made me pick up the books in the first place.

So, there you have it, my weird obsession with cartoon characters. How crazy do you find me now? Anyone else out there find cartoon guys hot? Ever pick up a book cause the guy on the front was hot? Come on, you can admit it.


  1. I loved Gambit too. I also loved the Ace from G-Force and Keith and Lance from Voltron.

  2. I love so many cartoon characters too! Darien was one of my first loves! Along with Prince Eric from The Little Mermaid! I'm also partial to Aladdin. :D

  3. I am sooo guilty of this as well! Let's a kid I was in love with Lee from Cardcapters (still am), then I fell in love with Yuki from Fruits Basket, I bought Hounded because I thought the guy on the cover was hot, the list goes on and on! I really should make a post like this myself lol

  4. I am not familiar with cartoon boys, but I'm willing to learn!

    The picture of this Vincent guy is really really really cool. Really.

    I actually have a bit of a crush on the dude from How to Train Your Dragon... whatshisname? I guess he's a cartoon boy, right?

    Isn't it fun to find a blogging soul mate? Love it when that happens!

  5. Jenni, Isn't Gambit the best? I'll have to check out these other guys.

    Cowboy mom, Yeah, but you already knew that about me.

    Belle, I was partial to Aladdin too, but I think I outgrew him or something.

    Natalie, I'd love if you did a post about this too. Then I could see these hot guys you speak of.

    Suey, Isn't Vincent something? Sigh! His name is Hiccup and I like him too.

  6. I am sneakily writing this on my iPhone from work and had to stop myself from hyperventilating! Will be back tonight with a much longer comment and some mote suggestions! Jenny: no bumblebee? Hehe

  7. Okay, so here goes. Firstly, thanks for the shout out Jenny! The feeling is mutual. I almost passed out when you said Gambit was hot because finally someone understood the awesomeness that is Remy LeBeau. Disappointed that they didn't try to capture his coolness properly in the movies but when I saw his names come up when Mystique was looking through the files on Rikers Island I got a little tingle (Yes, if you haven't already noticed...I am a GEEK.

    Darian: Loved him, but the irritating Sailor Scouts killed it for me.

    Vincent: ARGH!!! That's all I can say. When he showed up in the movie it was like 'Cloud who?'

    I wish more books featured guys on the covers.

    Additions to this list (and on a side note they seem to mostly be from video games for some reason)- Squall from Final Fantasy 8. Solid Snake from Metal Gear Solid. Bumblebee from Transformers. Eugene from Tangled...I could probably go on all night but I think you get the picture!

  8. Lan, Yes! Another thing we have in common. I freaked when Mystique saw his name too. No one else even noticed that!

    Yeah, the sailor scouts were pretty annoying, but in my defense, I was pretty young when I watch the show.

    I have to admit I know very little about Vincent besides how hot he is so...

    I forgot about Eugene. He is nice isn't he? The only reason I didn't add Bumblebee was because I was going for looks a little more than attitude and, well, I didn't want people to think I was completely insane. ;)

  9. I've already confessed that I though the actor Bill Bixby (you might have to google him to truly appreciate the weirdness)was drop dead hot because he could turn into Lou Ferrigno (painted green) as The Incredible Hulk.

    I always choose my romance novels by the guy on the cover ;)

  10. Okay, this is one of my deepest darkest secrets (not any more now I guess!) - I used to be a Sailor Moon freak when I was a kid. I watched it everyday after school, no kidding. This past birthday my sister actually got me a SM t-shirt for my birthday as a gift, we both laughed on that one!