Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Random Soccer-ness

Stupid sports politics! K, the truth is I don't understnad any of it and I'm just pissed cause I can't watch soccer yet! The La Liga season has been postponed and I don't know until when. It makes me crazy. In the mean time Real Madrid  played Galatasaray in the Santiago Bernabeu Trophy match today and it was slightly entertaining. Mainly because of this...

His name is Alvaro Morata he plays for Real Madrid's reserve team and...he's only 18.  Go ahead, call me a cradle robber.  He's just sooooo cute!!!! Anywho, he got to play today with the "big boys".

 Another reason it was enjoyable today was because of this....
Antonio Adan, the "unknown" goalkeeper. Casillas is an amazing goal keeper and so, yeah, I'd prefer him to play but this poor (good looking) guy rarely gets to play, and yet, he has to go to every game and just sit on the bench and wait and wait. (he got to play today, in case you missed why I was talking about him)

And lastly, and I pray the soccer gods don't curse my beloved Real Madrid for saying this, I enjoyed today's game because of this...
Fernando Muslera, the goalkeeper for the other team. Oh, come on, like you don't want to pinch his cheeks too! He's just such a cutie.

So, yeah, the game was entertaining until the real season starts. Oh, and just in case you think me only interested in the guys. ;) Real Madrid won 2-1.


  1. So Jenny - is it the men (boys) or the actual game that you love so well?? lol I am not much of a soccer fan but I think I could like it far more than football or even baseball if I gave it half a chance. I do love hockey.

  2. Ibeeeg, LOL, if you could see me watch a game you'd know the answer to that question. ;) The hot guys are just a bonus, a really nice bonus.

  3. Haha Jenny. You weren't kidding when you said you had to put hot pictures up with your soccer rants! I'm curious about your take on Mr Beckham?

  4. Lan, Beckham played with Real Madrid before my serious soccer days so....from what I do know about him...I like him. He's an impressive player. I've never thought he was THAT good looking, if that's what you're asking, ;) but a very good player. There's a reason he's STILL playing.

  5. I was asking from both perspectives! Aside from the looks, he is actually a phenomenal player. I watch a documentary on him from when he was still back at Man U and I have to admit, he was seriously good.

  6. Lan, He is, I'm not denying it. ;)