Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Top Ten Tuesday

Today  The Broke and the Bookish asks the question: What Are The Top Ten Books That Are On The Top Of Your TBR List For Fall?

Well, I just had to join today because, though, I don't usually plan out what books I'm going to be reading except for in the summer, I  had actually planned on catching up on series that I'm woefully behind in.

                                   Yeah, I'm THAT behind.:(
 I'm actually re-reading these in anticipation of the fourth being released in November.
 These ones I've already read but the last two come out this fall and I've got them pre-ordered and everything. I'm so excited!!!
 The first one I went and bought the day it was released in eager anticipation and now it just sits on my shelf. Sigh, it's time to get to these.
 This is all three books in one and after that cliffhanger ending of the TV series I must get to the books!
I know, I know! I can't believe I haven't got to these either.
 I've been putting these on off for years now. What if I hate them? Will you all hate me?
I don't have the last one yet, I'm waiting for it to go on paperback, but since I've already bought the whole series I certainly hope I like them.

And I don't need to hear you're crap on my bad picture taking. ;) Even though I can come up with at least 20 more I could add I'm only doing eight since I'm doing series rather than single books. Well, wish me luck. What books are you going to read this fall?


  1. Vampire Academy has been sitting on my shelf for ages: I will have to read them by the end of this year. Along with City of Bones et al.
    I read the first Iron Fey book, and I just really didn't like it. But it seems like I'm the exception to the rule.

    Anyway, good post! Great motivation to hit those series I've been putting off.

  2. Oh shoot, I forgot about the Christopher Paolini one in my line up.

    Your post overwhelms me. There's so many series I want to catch up on too.

  3. Great list!! Word of warning though: I love, love, love Chloe King (the show) and I have tried to read the book and it is so very different than the show that I'm having a hard time getting into it. Plus there are all these Russian names and it's like, -oesky -shikov what? Who was that? Hee hee!

  4. Bekka, Wow, You're the first person I've heard who doesn't like the Iron Fey series. Interesting. I wonder what I'll think of it.

    Suey, I know! I seriously could come up with twenty more series I'm behind on but I had to start somewhere.

    Courtney, Oh dear. Well I wasn't blown away by the show so maybe I won't mind the books.

  5. Very ambitious Jenny!
    Yay, the maze runner. I loved that series! It's not very character driven though...
    I read 'City of Bones' and I am sure you will appreciate the snarkiness.

  6. I won't hate you if you don't like the Mortal Instruments. To each their own. :) It just means more Jace for me! :)

  7. I should really reread those Inheritance books before the next one comes out... but probably I won't. Good luck!

  8. Selina, Yes, I'm going to have to buckle down and read if I want to finish all these series.

    Jenni, Good to know. But if I do like them will we fight over Jace? ;)

    Melissa, I want to re-read them because I know there's all these little things I've forgotten and I want to do the fourth book justice. It's quite the task, though.

  9. So many awesome books on your list! And you OWN them all! Lucky!
    I would love to do a reread of the first 3 books in the Inheritance series as well, but I fear I'm not going to have the time... *sigh*
    Thanks for stopping by @ the Broke and the Bookish!

  10. Daisy, Well, because I own them I certainly hope I like them all. ;) I don't have much time either but I have to re-read them, I just have to.

  11. you actually got about 30 with the count of the series. lol. i hope they all meet your reading enjoyment.

  12. Sidne, I know! That's why I cut it down to 8 series. Wish me luck, I'll need it. :(

  13. OMG!! You need to read the VA and TMI books right now!! 2 of my alltime favourite series' right there. Btw, I think you'll still enjoy Delirium if you didn't like wither or uglies, it just reminded me of the two =]

    The Cait Files

  14. Cait, I know, I know! people are shocked I haven't read them yet, that's why I'm doing my little series challenge this fall. That's good to know about Delirium, I was getting worried.

  15. Oh wow, these are all things I'd love to read and need to...aside from Scorch as I wasn't a big fan of Maze Runner. Enjoy your fall reading!

  16. Jenny! If I didn't think we were blog soul mates before I think it now! I think you're the first person I've come across who has any idea what the Obernewtyn Chronicles are all about!!! And I hope you enjoy the Vampire Academy series too. One of my favs :)

  17. iwriteinbooks, I'm worried what I'll think of The Maze Runner, hopefully I'll like it.

    Lan, Oh my gosh! I love The Obernewtyn Chronicles. I'm so jealous of you guys who have the last book. I have to wait till this fall. I'm going crazy waiting!

  18. Jenny, we haven't gotten it either!!!! Not till October. I am dying. I've been waiting for these books since I was 13!!

  19. Sash and Em, Thanks for stopping by.

    Lan, I swear I read somewhere that it had been published already over there. I'm sorry you're waiting as anxiously as me. I wish it was out already!

  20. I'm interested to see what you think of the Maze Runner books. Possession kind of reminded me of that series (except you won't find the word "babe" anywhere). The Mortal Instruments didn't really do anything for me. Didn't hate them, didn't love them. I don't really get why some people love Jace.
    Happy reading!

  21. Kathy, Oh thank goodness there's no "babe" in them. ;) I've been putting off The Mortal Instruments books for that very reason. I don't think I'll like them. At least my expectations are low.

  22. Jenny! You have sooooo many fabulous books ahead of you that I'm almost envious that you get to experience them for the first time.

    The series that has The Stone Key in it - I'm not sure what it's called, but for some unknown reason I am ridiculously excited about them and I know...very little about them. I need to hit up Goodreads.

    The Iron Fey! Puck! Ash! Amazing! I'm holding off on reading The Iron Knight, but...well, it's almost better that you waited, so you won't have to wait as long for the last one.

    And VA...a series I never expected to love as much as I did. They were so addictive, so I'm glad you have most all of them. It will be easier. ;)

    As for the Mortal Instruments, well, I've sort of sworn off this author years back after craziness with her HP fandom dealings. I know people are crazy about them, but I don't think I'll be reading them.

  23. Kaye, I'm excited to get to most of them. The series is called The Chronicles of Obernewtyn and...THEY. ARE. AWESOME!

    I've heard nothing but good stuff about the Iron Fey series so I'm excited for those.

    I hope I like the VA series too.

    The Mortal Instruments??? I'm afraid I'm going to hate them. We'll see.