Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Let's talk about reading a book more than once, shall we? Alright, I'm not really asking, it's my blog, we're talking about it. ;)

I've been thinking about this topic for awhile. Are you a re-reader? And if so, is it books you absolutely love, or the first books in series as a refresher for the newest to be published? Wow, did that even make sense?
Anywho, I've been thinking about this because I plan on re-reading the Inheritance books before the fourth comes out for both reasons. I love them and I want a refresher. But, truth be told, I'm not much of a re-reader. I read the Harry Potter books more than once just cause I liked them and I'll re-read a book that my book club is reading if it's been awhile since I last read it, but now-a-days there's so many new books I almost feel like I don't have time for a re-read. Which is just plain silly. If we like a book, shouldn't we read it again and again? Shouldn't we WANT to read it more than once because we already know we love it? With new books, there's that element of something new and unknown to you, but you risk reading a book you don't enjoy. But if you don't read it, how will you find new books that become new favorites that are deserving of a re-read?

Jenni Elyse, a book blogging friend says she re-reads some series all over again every time new one comes out! Wow, I can't say I'm that much of a re-reader. And, on the other hand, we have Suey, another blogging friend, who says there's no point in re-reads with a series because the next book always has so much back info that catches you up. (I hope I quoted you guy's correctly) Anywho, I think I fall somewhere in the middle, I love reading books I've never read before and there are soooo many that I rarely find time for re-reads. However, I always find myself thinking of past favorite books that I just feel like reading again. At least I know I already love them. Like...
 Just to name a few. So, what books do you love and re-read? Or are you not a re-reader? I for one plan on doing a bit more re-reading. Aren't those favorites worth it?


  1. I used to reread books quite a lot because I never bought new ones. I like rereading because I think it's quite comforting to read a book you know you love. My personal faves for rereads are The Vampire Academy series and The Southern Vampire Mysteries (sookie stackhouse) atm tho my TBR is farrrr too big to consider rereading anything!!

    The Cait Files

  2. Nice question!
    I am not a re-reader at all. There are only a few books that I love so much that I have read them more than once. I prefer to discover new books. So many books, so little time!

  3. Cait, I know, I have over 400 books on my TBR list. It's crazy! I don't think they're going anywhere, though, so I wont feel too guilty doing some re-reads. I'm excited for the Vampire Academy books.

    Selina, Too true, it's a little overwhelming isn't it?

  4. I don't usually re-read unless it's a book I absolutely love. And then I'll buy it so I can re-read whenever I want. :)
    Otherwise I get books from the library, and I don't check them out a second time.

  5. There's many books that I always WANT to re-read, but never seem to get to, and I agree that some re-reading is a wonderfully comforting thing. But most often, it does seem like a waste of reading time, and it makes me crazy... usually.

    Yes, you quoted me right! The next book almost always reminds you of everything that happened in previous books. Sometimes that's good (if you haven't read the other book in a long time) and sometimes that's bad (if you just barely finished it!)

  6. I like to think I am a re-reader, otherwise why on earth to I keep almost every book I have ever read?! The truth is though, like the rest of you I have so many new books to read I usually don't have time to re-read.

    I do however re-read some of my favorite books (ie: Graceling & Fire by Kristin Cashore) because I find myself missing that world and need to revisit some friends.

    I will also re-read (or skim) a series when a new book comes out just to refresh some of my memory if its been a while (but like Suey said there is usually enough in the new book to refresh).

  7. You quoted me just fine. :) However, I've realized something since I told you that. I don't reread every series. I didn't reread The Books of Bayern when Forest Born came out. It could be that I had just read the other three for the first time or it could be that even though the books are in a series, they're kind of stand-alonish. And, I don't plan on rereading the Dragon Prince trilogy when I finally decide to start its sister trilogy.

    I really do love to reread books when new books come out in a series, though, for both the reasons you mentioned. It does take a lot of time, but I love revisiting my favorite stories.

    While I think that there is a lot of catching up in subsequent books, you don't get told everything. And, if I hadn't reread the previous six Harry Potter books before I read Deathly Hallows, I would've missed out on a lot! I was able to see how much JK Rowling took the time to seamlessly weave all the plot elements together in all seven books. It was really cool to see that.

    I also get that it's always hard to reread your favorite books because there are so many other books out there. I've wanted to reread the HP series for a long time now, and now especially since the last movie. But, I just don't feel like I have the time to devote to all seven books because there are so many others I haven't read that I want to read.

    I need to find a balance, such as I did with the reread along for Twilight. Maybe, I'll read a chapter a day. Eventually, I'll finish the reread, but I can take the time to savor those favorite books while still enjoying new ones. Hmmm ... I might just do that. ;)

  8. I decided to re-read the Jessica Darling series by Megan McCafferty because I read the first three books like 6 or 7 years ago. I started the fourth book, but had to return it to the library before I could finish it. I read the first two books this year and there were so many things I forgot about that I'm so glad I did.

    There are a lot of TBR books to catch up on though, that sometimes a re-read gets put to the side. But I'll still get to it when I get the chance if I really want to read it again. :)

  9. I really like re-reading, but since I've started my blog I haven't really had the time. I sort of feel pressure to always have new material out-no one wants to read a review on a 6-10 year old books.

    My favorite standalone novel to read is Wasteland by Francesca Lia Block. I recommend every one read it, at least once. Every time I go back to it, I find more to uncover, and I'm pretty sure it's less than 200 pages.

    Other than that, I always read the Georgia Nicolson books before the next one came out. And every summer I re-read the Harry Potter books. I'm actually doing a readalong/giveaway for it if anyone's interested.

    I actually miss re-reading a lot. =(

  10. Kathy, I wish I was as disciplined as you. I buy books before I've read them and end up with a lot I'd never re-read.

    Suey, I know you can't think re-reading the Antsy books would be a waste of time. ;)

    Ang, Exactly! If I spent all that money on a book I sure hope I'd read it more than once.

    Jenni, That's why I'm re-reading the Inheritance books. I know the fourth might do a little refreshing but I'll miss all the intricate details that will all come together.

    Jessica, Yeah, when it's been a long time it just deepens the pleasure of a re-read.

  11. Bekka, I haven't heard of Wasteland, I'll have to check it out. Let me know when you get to the seventh Harry Potter. I think I'll join for that one.

  12. Sheesh! I feel like such a PEON. Of course I re read, I have to re read, I can't afford to buy every book out there and the book mobile just dosen't cut it when it comes to new stuff because if it's good you can never find it checked in. AW ME. I've re read each Harry Potter to prep me for the next book and then to prep me for the movies. And then I occaisionally miss Characters from books and so I re read some of my favorites. I'm really missing a good series right now, but I'm so far out of the way and have such little time that I Don't know what series I ought to even try. The Dragon Prince Trilogy sounds interesting that Jenni Elyse mentioned Maybe I'll see if I can find that one down here.

  13. Cowboy mom, Don't worry, you can spend your golden years reading all the books in the library we open. ;)

  14. Nice post!
    "However, I always find myself thinking of past favorite books that I just feel like reading again. "
    That's me to a T. My TBR pile is soooo huge I wish I could clone myself to read more. so many books are in a tie for 'next' as far as how much I want to read them.

    I have tons of books I'd love to re-read too. HP series, LOTR again, tons of Stephen King, Cold Mountain, Little Women.

    Many of what I'd like to re-read I feel I'd come at from such a different direction it would almost be like a new read.

    If that makes sense. :)

  15. Laura, It makes sense. I always find myself trying to decide what to read next and then thinking about all the books I'd like to re-read. It's so conflicting!

  16. I re-read. A lot. Which is the big reason in why I like to purchase books and keep them. (And why my shelves are overflowing.) There are times when I'll think of a book or be reminded of it and then I'll want to sit down with it and read it again. For my favorites like HP or Game of Thrones, they're re-read pretty often. I'm a fast reader, so it doesn't bother me.

  17. Kaye, Yay, a true re-reader. It probably helps that you're a fast reader. I thought I was until I met other bloggers. There are so many that are faster than me.

  18. Great post.
    I have to say that I never, and I mean never, re-read books. No matter how much I love it, I just don't do it. I'm not sure why...My husband, on the other hand, re-reads quite often, and what's even more puzzling to me is that he re-reads mysteries, lol.

  19. +JMJ+

    I love rereading books after having been "away" from them for several years. At the moment, I'm rereading Erewhon by Samuel Butler, which I last tried in uni. I still remember my reactions from the first time around--and now I see myself as an opinionated little ideologue. =P

    But now that I also have a growing TBR pile (never an issue until a few years ago), I'm coming face to face with the idea that the more I reread, the less time I'll have for other books. =/

    I don't know about never having to reread series, though. Several years went by in between my reading of Harry Potter #5 and Harry Potter #6, and I ended up rereading the whole series from Book #1. My experience has not been that writers put handy backup/catchup information in each new book, but that they expect you to have that stuff in mind so that they can surprise you with the real meaning of Chekov's guns when you least expect it.

  20. TheBookGirl, That's funny. I re-read sometimes but not mysteries. LOL.

    Enbrethiliel, I know, my TBR pile wasn't that bad till I got into Goodreads and blogging. I think some series fill you in and some don't but even if they do fill you in it's just on the basics not the intricate details.

  21. +JMJ+

    Oh, about Mysteries . . . I'm actually planning on rereading one this year, for a challenge I'm doing. I remember some suspects who turn out not to be guilty, but I can't recall which one actually is the villain--so it's all good. ;-)