Thursday, May 19, 2011

Character Connection, Matthew Swift from the Matthew Swift series

Matthew, Matthew, I don't think there is any character I like as much as him! I'll begin by telling you a little about the series because if you haven't heard of it and you enjoy a truly well written, adventure packed urban fantasy you have got to read these books!  Matthew was a sorcerer in London, I say was because two years before the first book starts, Matthew was killed. But as the first book opens Matthew is resurrected and he dosen't know by whom, but he does know who killed him and thus his adventure begins. And if that doesn't interest you, you should know he didn't come back alone; a powerful entity came with him, inside him. I wont say more about that you'll just have to read these books. (yes, I'm a book pusher) 

  Matthew is incredibly loveable. He's absolutely hilarious in my favorite way; sarcastically. He says the funniest things that have me laughing nearly every page. He's humble and laid back in situations that would have anyone else curled in the fetal position; not to say he might not curl likewise if he felt so inclined, and, yet he never, and I mean, NEVER gives up. With a love for food and walking the city he calls home Matthew has the unfortunate habit of getting into sticky situations that always leave him saving the day and still remaining so freaking humble! I love it. 

Now, for some fun. There are three books out in this series so far, and each of them has an awesome cover, but there's a different guy on every cover which is just plain weird to me. So, I thought I'd post them here and let you tell me which one you like best. I know you might not have read the books and don't know which one best portrays Matthew but I'm still interested in your opinion. 
There, I hope those are big enough for you to see. Good heavens! Just talking about Matthew makes me want to read these books all over again!


  1. This sounds like a really interesting series. And Matthew sounds like a great character. I'm going to have to check these out.

  2. Jenni Elyse, Huzzah! My book pushing skills are improving.

  3. +JMJ+

    At first I thought this was about another character named Matthew Swift, from a Lisa Kleypas Romance novel! LOL!

    From the first image and your description, I expected these stories to be about vengeance: Matthew Swift as a kind of resurrected "Punisher" figure. But then you say that he's actually very humble, and make him out to be very easy going. So I'm not sure what to think of him . . . except that he sounds very likeable!

    With nothing else to go by, I pick the third book for Matthew. He seems less like some dark angel of death in that one, and more like the character you describe here.

  4. Ah finally! The post you've been wanting to write since you started! :)

    I like the bottom one the best. First one is too old, second one too blonde. And the bottom one is okay, but still doesn't quite capture the Matthew in my head.

    Can you think of a celebrity/actor who would match the Matthew in your head? That would be fun to know!

    And P.S.... book blogging is all about PUSHING the books, so go for it!

  5. Enbrethiliel No, no, not at all. He's is actually a the first book but HE'S not a vengeful person. That entity inside him? Maybe.

    Suey, Yeah, and I didn't even begin to describe him adequately. I will push away then. I have no idea who I'd pick to play him...I'll have to think about that. I personally like the first one the best. the second one is all wrong and the third is slightly effeminate. But you're right, none of them really are what I pictured.

  6. +JMJ+

    Ah, I forgot about that entity you mentioned. =P It does change the game a bit, doesn't it?

  7. How have I never heard of these novels? They sound amazing! I love that it's a guy MC too! :)

  8. You are fabulous at getting me interested in whatever book you mention. And I'm really intrigued by the fact that the main character is a guy - that is unique enough for me to be added to the list.

    I like the first cover the best. It's quiet and strong all at the same time and his form there is pretty telling. I'm so interested now! Darn you. ;)

  9. You've piqued my interest! He's killed before the books even start? Hmmm. There's an unusual premise for you!

    I like the first cover best. The second guy is way too blond and the third guy seems like he thinks he's hot stuff with that open collar. Like a lounge lizard. Yuck.

    Great post!

  10. +JMJ+

    LOL @ Jen's comment about the third guy thinking he's hot stuff!

  11. Enbrethiliel, Yes, that "entity" definitely adds a bit more interest.

    Sarah, Having a male MC is always refreshing to me, what with all the female characters littering YA these days.

    Kaye, Well, now I've returned the favor! I always want to check out what you're reading too. LOL! Sorry, though. I like the first cover best too. ;)

    IntrovertedJen, Yeah, that third cover guy is not appealing to me at all.