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Review: Dogsbody

Title Dogsbody
By Diana Wynne Jones
For fun
Source Library

Punished for a crime he did not commit, Sirius is sent to earth in the body of a dog and taken in by a girl named Kathleen. With his memories a jumble and the task of learning how to cope in his new form, Sirius must discover who he was and what he was sent to earth to retrieve if he ever hopes to return home.

General thoughts
Holy crap! So that's how a dog feels and thinks. Oh, wait. It wasn't written by a dog. But wow! It felt like it. The author captures the true nature of dogs and even cats so well it was a real pleasure to read. Well, for the first two hundred pages anyway. I liked  the book and was very entertained but there was so much filler in the middle that at first was fun, then slow, then just plain annoying. So much so that I was irritated with the ending and just wanted it all to be over.

Sirius, for the first few pages, was rather temperamental but then we're introduced to him in dog form and his innocence and confusion make him relatable. Kathleen was such a sweetheart; so patient and humble and good. There's a whole list of characters I could go on about but since you might not have read this book you might have no idea who I'm talking about so I won't bore you. Just know there are some perfectly portrayed meanies and some wonderful lovable characters too.

Would I recommend it?
Yes, even if the middle dragged a little. It was a fun fast read with endearing characters that learn and grow and progress.

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