Saturday, May 28, 2011

Shelving Saturday

Shelving Saturday is hosted by Eastern Sunset Reads
This is a fun  new idea and I've been wanting to do it for weeks, so today I join her. And if you want to join, you can too just head on over to her awesome blog and check it out.

This week's question is how do you decide what genre shelf you put your books on, if you shelve by genre? Do you go by what the book store has it shelved under? Or do you read it and then decide for yourself where the book belongs?

Well, unfortunately I don't have any organization to my book shelves. I really ought to do something about that. Wait I do have one book shelve that is actually, sort of organized and the rest are just a mess.  
 This is my sort of organized shelf. We've got classics on the top the my Jonathan Kellerman collection and some John Grisham...Alright, the second shelf is not organized. Then the third shelf is books on writing and the bottom shelf that's really hard to see is religious books. 
 These are some of my other shelves, and, as you can see, they are just not organized at all, well, unless you consider that at least the series are together. 

So, in answer to the actual question: if I buy a classic, religious, or writing book, I will squeeze put it on my book shelf where it goes. And probably without reading it but those are pretty cut and dried genres. My other books...well they just go where ever, and even if I was organized I'd just take the bookstores word for it. 

So, how about you? Do you just throw your books on the shelf like me, or do you have a nice organized shelving system? And do you trust the stores genre shelving, or do you judge for yourself?


  1. Hey! From the looks of your book shelves, we use exactly the same system!! I think we may even have the same shelves (hard to tell under the load of books.):o)

  2. Dana, Yeah, I just buy the crappy shelves at Shopko but I'd love to get a floor to ceiling, wall to wall book shelf. That would be awesome!

  3. I'm so OCD that just thinking about organising my bookshelf (yeah, the one I haven't bought yet) makes me happy and nervous all at the same time. I think I'd probably separate them by books for school, YA books, and then fiction and non-fiction would probably be together. And then I'd probably fight myself between sub-categorising by favorites or alphabetical order.

    Just looking at all of your books makes me happy!

  4. Thank you so much for joining me! Your shelves look great, even the unorganized ones! It is helpful to listen to the book stores, makes your job easier for the books you aren't going to read yet.

  5. Kaye, LOL, well at least you take pleasure in it. The sad thing is I have two other shelves packed too! Or maybe that's a good thing. ;)

    Ang, Agreed. I have tons of books I haven't read yet so I'd organize them according to the book store's suggestion. If I organized.