Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Method To My Madness

Sometimes, I click on over to Real Madrid's website and watch these "boring" videos.

Why, you ask? Ah, that's a great question. See, when soccer players are training you might notice that they aren't wearing cleats. Therefore, they are not wearing those knee length socks. What do I have to spell it out for you?  There calves aren't covered!  ;) So, if I ever want to see those hot calves I have to watch these "boring" videos. Now go ahead and watch it again, you know you want to. See? Wasn't it more fun when you have some dang nice calves to look at? ;)


  1. You are so funny! Gotta love a little eye candy ;)

  2. Call me back when they take those shirts off and I can see those dang sexy chests!

  3. Dana, Mmmhmm. I can always count on a comment from you on my silly soccer posts. Thanks!

    Jenni, :( I figured the calves were sexy enough. I'll get a good shirtless one for you next time. ;)

  4. Gotta love your soccer boys! ;)

  5. Dear Jenny,

    Perhaps living with a sister who has so much better cleavage than you has limited the number of conversations where the important information you are sharing goes in one ear and out the other because someone is lusting over your heaving breasts.

    This calf ooogling has to stop, especially during newsy broadcast where you learn how to pronounce out sexy names and how are lives are going. Yes, on the field we grab each others asses, mouth kiss male teammates and frequently rip off our shirts exposing our hot, glistening abs of manly steel, we have a tender sensitive side as well.

    We feel vulnerable and unappreciated for our brains and hard work when you use our fascinating and informative news videos to gaze at our defined, naked, calves.

    Jenny, soccer players have worked hard for many years to be seen as intelligent, capable contributors to society, not just honed, throbbing, sexual icons.

    We demand that you publicly apologize for ignoring our efforts to be more than female eye candy; after all, we do kiss the occasional baby and leave our shirts on most of each game.


    Real Madrid Soccer Players Liberation Society