Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Top Ten Tuesday

Today  The Broke and the Bookish asks the question: What are your Top Ten Books to read during Halloween?

I've only ever had one book that actually scared me so I seriously doubt I'll be able to come up with ten books but I'll do my best.

This one scared the crap out of me! Not the vampires, but the suspense. *shudders*

This is the first Odd book, and I specifically chose it for several freaky scenes that are sure to disturb and scare you.

I'm reading this one at the moment and besides being a King book, and freaky, it actually takes place around Halloween! How perfect is that?

K, I haven't read this one but I hear good things and how freaky is that cover. I think we can safely say this is a good Halloween read.

It's been so long since I read this one but it was very suspenseful.

A cliche, perhaps, but very creepy.

Another typical choice but a classic. Am I right?

Well, that's about all I can think of...Sigh. What are you're favorite Halloween reads?


  1. Those are some good and creepy books! Dracula is my favorite Halloween read.

  2. Great list. I love Stephen King!

  3. Gah I keep meaning to read Odd Thomas cause I've heard you talk about it a couple of times on your blog! Really need to pick up a copy once I get through my current books waiting to be read!

  4. Sometime, I'd like to read those classic scary books (LOVE Frankenstein), but more recent horror is so not my thing. The Replacement is quite creepy.

  5. I haven't read any of the books on your list yet. Surprise, surprise, I know. ;) But, The Replacement did make my list. And, I was trying to think of some of the classics, but they all escaped my mind. Oops. But, yes, now that I see them on your list, I'd love to read them around Halloween.

  6. Yack! I totally can't handle anything creepy whatsoever and these are all REALLY scary!

  7. Awesome pile! I added many on my list, and some I thought of, but that didn't make my list. I think I could have gone on and one with this particular one! Totally forgot about Odd though. :(

  8. Great choices! It's been ages since I read Frankestein or Jekyll and Hyde...will have to re-read those now that I'm older and wiser. (Well, older, anyway.)

  9. Yikes, just the cover of The Replacement makes me shudder.

    I'm kind of on the fence about Jekyll and Hyde. It dragged a lot, which is difficult, considering it's a short story. It picked up nicely at the end, though.

    Thanks for commenting over on my blog, I love seeing what other people think!

  10. Trish, I know, it's a good one.

    Dana, He's definitely good at writing creepy books.

    Natalie, I hope you pick it up one day. It's amazing!

    Melissa, I like both, though, I rarely get scared of books.

    Jenni, I almost forgot the classics too. Silly me.

    iwriteinbooks, I can handle them cause they don't bug me that bad, but I've never read a REALLY scary one, so who knows.

    Suey, I forgot some good ones. Oh well.

    BJ, I know, I need to re-read some of these too.

    couchpotatocritic, It's been so long since I read Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde that I can't even say. I remember it being pretty suspenseful, though.

  11. Halloween is just not a great time for me to be reading. The books are way too scary. I am steering clear of Stephen King at this time of year!