Monday, October 24, 2011

Review: Brightly Woven

Title Brightly Woven
By Alexandra Bracken
Source I own it
Pages 368

First sentence The day the rains finally came was like any other, with blistering air coating the canyon in a heavy stillness.

When Wayland North wanders in to a town suffering a drought he brings the rain. It return for this favor he is rewarded anything he asks for. He chooses Sydelle, a young woman who has longed for adventure, but hanging out with North who drinks too much and drives her crazy isn't as exiting as she thought.   

General thoughts
I'm going to steal a page from Melissa from One Librarian's Book Reviews. Cause I didn't hate this one but I didn't love it either. There was an equal amount of good things and bad things...Make sense? Anywho, Melissa always points out things she likes and things she doesn't like. So here goes.

Things I liked...
I really enjoyed the premise and idea behind this one; it was unique and fun. I liked the idea behind Jinxes and North's curse. The adventure was fun and I was rooting for the good and booing at the bad but...

Things I didn't like...
I hated both of the main characters. Sydelle, (cool name btw) was headstrong and to all over the place in her emotions and North was a control freak! Why would a girl go for a guy who never showered?! Ewww. I also was unimpressed with the traveling. Most fantasy books have a lot of traveling and I usually love it, but the traveling in this one felt like a way for the author to use the "cool" map at the front of the book. There was no rhyme nor reason to it. Just cause it's on the map doesn't mean the main characters HAVE to go there.

So, yeah, I liked some stuff but other things just bothered me.

Would I recommend it? 
Yeah, it wasn't awful and most people aren't as picky about characters as me.


  1. I love seeing what you like and don't like - especially since it is always written with just the right touch of sarcasm. :)

  2. I always love your reviews but I like this one especially. I've been considering reading this for a while but I've been umming and ahhing over it so I think it will definitely slip down my list now.

    The Cait Files

  3. It sounds like the concept for this book is great....but I hate it when characters get on your nerves! Great review as always! :)

  4. I've always wondered about this book...I guess I don't have to anymore. :)

  5. It's the books that you don't especially like or hate that are the hardest to write reviews for. That's when it's best to use the likes and dislikes system that you have. I think I've had enough of the control freak love interests for a lifetime so I'm backing away slowly from this one ;P

  6. Never showered?!?! Ugh I'll pass

  7. Melissa, Thanks. I try. ;)

    Cait, Yeah, it's worth the read but I wouldn't rush to get it.

    Natalie, Bad characters can ruin a book faster than anythings else.

    Sarah, It was only so so. You could try it.

    Lan, Ugh! I'm so sick of controlling guys!

    Tristan, I know! I just didn't get it.