Friday, June 10, 2011

Happy Birthday to me!

K, I know most people just ignore their birthdays and you can call me crazy and just plain arrogant but ever since I was a kid I've loved my birthdays. I get very excited about them. I don't know why it's not like I do anything horribly fun or anything, I just like my birthday, so sue me! Anywho, I bought some books that I probably would have bought anyway but I'm excusing my spending by calling it a birthday present from me...cause I can. Here's what I got.

These are the ones I've ordered and am waiting for in the mail.
Antsy Does Time by Neal Shusterman
The Schwa Was Here by Neal Shusterman
Colonel Brandon's Diary by Amanda Grange
Bruiser by Neal Shusterman

As you can see I'm a little obsessed with Shusterman. The Antsy books are absolutely amazing!
These are the books I bought at Borders.
Warprize by Elizabeth Vaughan
The Girl in the Steel Corset by Kady Cross
Possession by Elana Johnson

So, my birthday plans are...cause I know you care...I'm getting a manicure\ pedicure with my awesome sister. Going to lunch with my equally awesome sister in law and then....wait for it...I'm going to see the new Xmen!!!! Yeah, I'm a geek! Can't wait. Have a great Friday, everyone!


  1. Happy Birthday Jenny!!
    And good for you for treating yourself to such great books :)

  2. TheBookGirl, Thanks! Yes, I'm super nice to myself that way. ;)

  3. Happy Birthday! Hope it's a good one. :)

  4. Happy birthday! a ManiPedi and xmen and food actually sounds perfect! I hope you have a great day. Girl in the Steel Corset is a great book as well.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog, I'm now following you =]

    The Cait Files

  5. Happy birthday, Jenny! I hope you enjoy all of your new reads and your birthday outings. Don't worry. I buy myself book presents, too, so you're not alone there. ;)

  6. Cait, I know doesn't it sound great! Thanks for following me.

    Marla, Thanks. K, I won't feel bad about book buying. Cause I just bought two more.

  7. Oh CRAP! I was going to be sure and remember your birthday and then I went and forgot! But guess what I did yesterday? Went to Xmen! Dang, we should have gone together. Enjoy the books! Yeah for Shusterman! Let's send vibes for the library to get him to come next, shall we? :)

  8. Suey, Yay! Did you like the movie? My brother in law was gagging the whole time but I liked it. We should totally get Shusterman here! I'd love that!

  9. JENNY! Happy birthday! I never feel (too) bad about buying myself books, but on your birthday - go crazy! Yay! I hope you had an awesome day and I think I'll do my nails tomorrow, too. I need a fun color!

    I bloody well loved Unwind and once I kick my butt into reviewing gear (have been having a hard time starting them lately...) I will put one up for it. And I've been on the fence over whether or not to get The Girl in the Steel Corset, but I shall read it after you - your reviews help me decide. :)

  10. Kaye, My sister and I went with sparkly colors for our fingernails. I went purple and she went green but it ended up looking gold. I need to get to Unwind, I've heard good things. I'll try to hurry with The Girl in the Steel Corset than. ;)