Friday, June 17, 2011

Review: The Ghost and the Goth

Title The Ghost and the Goth
By Stacey Kade
For Fun
Source I own it, lucky me!

Alona Dare appears to have everything she could want: Homecoming Queen three years running, cute boy friend and she hangs with the most popular kids in school but that doesn't stop her from walking in front of a bus.  Will Killian never goes anywhere without his iPod, it's the only way to keep from hearing the dead. Will can see, hear and interact with ghosts but he definitely doesn't want to. That is, until the ghost of Alona Dare starts hanging around.

General thoughts
Sounds like a fun, light, fluffy read, right? Oh, it is, but don't let that fool you. It actually had some depth to it. It took me by surprise. I love when I pick up a book I bought, based solely on the cover, that has been sitting on my shelf for quite awhile and am thoroughly engaged! This book had me smiling nearly all the way through it. I even bought the sequel, Queen of the Dead before I finished it because I knew I'd love it too. It's one of those books where everyone and everything has it's reason for being there and everything comes together seamlessly.  Gee, what else can I say? I really liked it, and after a few bad reads I needed to like something.

Alona was one of those love to hate first. Obviously, you get to like her more and more as the story progresses and you get to know her better. Will was by far my favorite character! I loved his sarcasm. I love sarcastic people especially guys and Will was great. He was perfectly written. I love when a male character is believable as a guy when the author of the book is a girl. I want to mention most of the characters because even if they had minor roles they stuck out. Principle Brewster was a perfectly awful authority figure I could hate with relish. Will's mom was concerned enough about her son to invoke sympathy. Joonie...oh, poor Joonie. Ben, Misty, Chris cliche or not, they were perfectly annoying. Dr Miller...what a slimy, gross...well I won't say what he was.

 Would I recommend it? 
For a light, fluffy read with a little more depth than I expected, hell yes!


  1. I totally ignored this book based on the cover and the title. I am glad you liked it and you made me enthusiastic to give it a try.

  2. I'm in the same boat as Selina. I'm really glad you wrote this, otherwise I would have completely missed out. Now I know that I should definitely give it a whirl. Great review!

  3. Perfect! I needed more books to put into my fluff (but still worth reading!) category and this seems like an interesting one. And I'm right there when female authors write their male characters well (and the same for when male authors write females!).

  4. Selina, LOL, I picked this one up BECAUSE of the cover! I hope you like it if you give it a try.

    Marla, Well, I hope you enjoy it and your faith in my remains intact. ;)

    Kaye, I know, isn't it great when they can capture the opposite sex correctly? That's why I love White Cat and it's sequel Red Glove by Holly Black. If you haven't tried them you really should.

  5. Sounds like a fun book! I'll have to check it out. I guess I now have 908 on my TBR list, lol. :)

  6. Jenni Elyse, LOL! Yeah my TBR list has grown so much since I've started to blog. And I thought Goodreads was killing me. ;)

  7. I liked this one too. It was a good summertime read. :)

  8. Sarah, Yay! I'm glad I'm not the only one.

  9. Too cute. Sounds like a good one to take camping.

  10. Can I borrow it? I need something to keep me awake all night.

  11. Dana, It's perfect for that! Light and fluffy, with just enough depth to not feel like a huge waste of time.

    Susan, Certainly. Sorry you're struggling. :(

  12. Hey Jenny, I have this on my TBRom goodreads, but i' m bumping it up it sounds good and I love nothing more than sarcasm. Great review. You should definitely read The Devouring, I've already started Soulstice ciz I just couldn't wait ;)

  13. Tristan, I hope you like it as much as I did.

  14. Isn't it fun when you find a gem on your own shelves :)
    I like snarky charcters, too!

  15. +JMJ+

    I'm so glad to hear it has depth! I've been newly curious about it since the sequel came out, but I didn't want to risk reading something that looked like it might me just fun, fluff and other shallow delights.

    And the idea of everyone belonging in the story and all plot points coming together seamlessly? I know just what you mean and I love it when that happens! Few writers can achieve such economy of elements, and it's always a delight to find someone who can.

    Thanks for the review! =)

  16. TheBookGirl, Yes! I love when I find a book I love and have owned it all this time.

    Enbrethiliel, I love it too. I love when you realize it as your reading too and find yourself thinking, "ahh, I see." Nothing greater.