Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Review: Mermaid

Title Mermaid
By Carolyn Turgeon
For Supposed to be fun!
Source I own it

A retelling of The Little Mermaid from the POV of Lenia the mermaid and Margerthe the princess that marries the prince.

General thoughts
I didn't really even want to write this review. I was very disappointed in this one. I had such high hopes and they all came crashing down. I liked that the author told the story from both point of views but I didn't like the liberties she took with the ending, and the writing was fine but just bothered me.

I liked Lenia (the mermaid) I felt for her and enjoyed reading about her more than Margerthe (the princess). Margerethe was OK but I had a hard time believing either of these women actually could like the moron that was Prince Christopher. Oh, kill me now! The prince was so awful! Why would anyone actually fall for him?! He's not even worth venting about.

Would I recommend it? 
If you really LOVE fairytale retellings then sure, but this is not a YA book. This is an adult book and there are "adult situations". So if that bothers you, you might want to pass this one by.


  1. That's a shame. :( Of course, now I'm curious to see just how far the author strayed from the original ending. Hmmm... It's a paradox.

  2. Shoot, I hate it when I like the women in a book but they are dumb enough to fall for an idiot. I think I'll pass on this.

  3. Marla, It wasn't THAT far off but still. And I totally understand the paradox, just cause someone hates a book doesn't mean you don't want to read it.

    Dana, Oh, I know! It's so annoying!

  4. Sorry to see that this was such a disappointment for you. Hope that your next read is better :)

  5. TheBookGirl, Oh, don't worry, I'm already loving the one I'm reading now.

  6. Thats too bad that you were disappointed with this one! Its been on my to-read list...but near the bottom. I enjoy fairy tale retellings but I often find they don't quite live up to my expectations...Beastly being one of them lol

  7. Natalie, Yeah, I have to agree. I liked Robin Mckinley's Beauty but other than

  8. Okay, this is a mental cross-off. When female characters fall for absurd relationships it's an instant turn off. The cover is pretty, though. That's one thing. ;)

  9. Kaye, Yeah, that's why I read it. I love the cover.