Thursday, June 16, 2011

Little Un-read Secrets!

I stole this idea from Fragments of Fiction, one of the most beautiful blogs I feast my eyes on everyday. She confessed her dirty little secret of the books she hasn't read but probably should have and I loved the idea. We all have books that we haven't read that might shock some people (can you believe she hasn't read the Harry Potters?!) but does it follow that we should be ashamed? So here's some of the books I haven't read that may, or may not shock you. 

The Chronicles of Narnia by C.S Lewis
I have read the first one but I never read the rest. For shame, I know!

The Little House books by Laura Ingalls Wilder
Not only have I not read these? I don't like them?! K, I know you're thinking, how can she not like them if she hasn't read them. Good question. I tried reading them and just couldn't do it! I hated that goody goody Mary and, all in all, I just got bored with them.

Anne of Green Gables by L.M Montgomery
The only one I've read was Anne's House of Dreams, and that was only by request of a friend. I LOVE the movies but I just could never get into the books.

Breaking Dawn by Stephanie Meyer
Yeah, I think it's no surprise that since I hated the rest I just gave up on this series. But don't you worry, lots of people felt it was there duty to fill me in on what happened. In detail! Hey, at least I didn't read the end of it right when in came out just so I could ruin it for all the fans who were frantically reading it like one of my friends did. 

The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald
So, some of you might not have read this one either, but you wouldn't believe the flack I get for not having read this one. Sheesh! I have it on my TBR list. Give me a break!

I could go on and on, especially with the classics. There is a lot I haven't read, yet, and I may never read. So how about you? What have you not read that might be shocking? And is it really all that bad of a thing to NOT have read something?


  1. Thats so funny I'm reading Anne of Green Gables for the thirdtime right now! Its one of my fav books! My bro bought me the box set you have pictured for my bday because I've only ever read the first four in the series! I haven't read The Great Gatsby either...although I should...and I only ever read half of the Narnia series...that one really bored me as a child lol

  2. I haven't read Anne of Green Gables either. I however have not read the Harry Potter series (I haven't even seen the movies yet) or the Eragon trilogy yet. I know, I know, but at least they are in my TBR pile!

    I can't believe you don't like Laura Ingalls Wilder?! They were some of my favorites when I was a kid! I especially like Little House in th Big Woods and Farmer Boy! (and it is kind of a bonus that we can trace our family tree back to Almanzo's brother)

  3. Dang Jenny-even I have read Great Gatsby. Not that I can tell you what it's all about now though. I was forced to read it in school.

  4. I have never read any of Jane Austen books. I tried but they are just not for me.

  5. I only read Narnia about 4 years ago. And, I've read BD, but I haven't read the others. There are a ton of books that I haven't read that you'd think I had. It's sad, really. But, I am trying to make up for it! :)

  6. Natalie, Yeah, I just couldn't get into The Chronicles of Narnia either.

    Ang, That's so cool that you can trace back to Almanzo! See, I'm just as shocked that you haven't read the Harry Potter's I can understand Eragon but it is worth it. ;)

    real life, Yeah, not having gone to school there were a lot of books I missed out on. Well, maybe missed out isn't the best choice of words. I recently read Lord of the Flies, which I understand is required reading, and I hated it!

    Laura H, Wow! That is shocking, but not necessarily a bad thing.

    Jenni Elyse, There are tons of books I'm trying to go back and read. Don't feel bad.

  7. I love this idea. The one I haven't read that everyone else seems to have is Hunger Games. I don't know if I'll get to it or not. It just doesn't call to me. I don't think that's a bad thing. It just leaves me somewhere to go if I ever run out of books (ya - like that's going to happen)

  8. I've read all of Narnia and I own that copy of The Great Gatsby - somewhere. I'm going to stick with classics because aside from YA, I most read them.

    Books I haven't read or started but didn't finish and would like to:
    The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Victor Hugo (Although I've red Les Mis, a lot of it in French, but never tried this one.)
    Anything by James Joyce, Alexandre Dumas or Ayn Rand.
    The Secret Garden, Frances Hodgson Burnett (loved the old film...!)

    So many. This is becoming a list, but I think I'll start a classics post on my blog to catch up, now that I think of it.

  9. I loved the Little House books, couldn't get excited about the Anne of Green Gables books, read the Harry Potter's but couldn't remember from one book to the next what happened, Hated the Stephanie Meyer's books--read one and a half--and have never heard of the Great Gatsby. Hows that for literacy? I do like Odd Thomas.

  10. Dana, LOL, yeah, I have books that I'd like to get to one day but unless a book apocalypse happens and I run out of books I want to read, it isn't going to happen.

    Kaye, Well you've probably read more classics than me.

    Techno Grandma, Well, at least you like Odd Thomas! Who cares about the rest. ;)

  11. I guess I'm in good company because the only ones from that list that I've read are the Little House books. :)
    I haven't read Jane Eyre, either, and that always seems to surprise people.

  12. Kathy, Oh, don't even get me started on the monstrosity that is Jane Eyre. If you ever want to start an argument with me just say one nice thing about that book and I'll lose it. ;)

  13. Wow, maybe I'm better read than I ever thought. I've read all my the Narnia ones.

    BTW I hated the Great Gatspy. Skip that one!

  14. +JMJ+

    I didn't read the Narnia books until after high school . . . but I try not to let on. ;-)

    And while I've read the first Anne book, I haven't got to the others in the series. (Actually, that's not quite right: I know I read another one of them in grade school. I just wouldn't be able to tell you what it was, so I don't count it!)

    Nor did I make it as far as Eclipse in Stephenie Meyer's series, so you're still ahead of me there. And I know absolutely nothing about the Little House books--an admission which so shocked a friend of mine several months ago that I had to remind her that I have the greatest excuse for never getting to them: I'm not an American. =P

    I think I'll also let that stand as my excuse for not yet having read The Great Gatsby. LOL!

    Nevertheless, I like that there are books that we think we "should" read. The idea of a literary canon is very dear to my heart--and one thing that ensures we will be able to have discussions about books across some very long boards. (I will never forget the trauma of being the only one in an international group--a Canadian girl, a Kiwi girl, a Swedish girl, and me, the Filipina--who hadn't read The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. They all loved it and I hadn't even heard of it. Never mind all the other stuff I had read; I still felt functionally illiterate!)

    There is a charm to these "dirty little secrets" readers have. I hope we will always be able to commiserate over them and laugh about them--preferably at the same time!

  15. Sarah, LOL, I read the synopsis on Goodreads and was getting bored! I don't know if I'll ever get to it.

    Enbrethiliel, I'd never thought about that before. Shows how close minded I am. Sigh. So what books have you read that Americans might not have even heard of?

  16. +JMJ+

    I don't think there's a classic or must-read title I can come up with that most Americans wouldn't even have heard of! Well, an Irish friend was once really, really shocked that I didn't know who the Moomins were. And I still kind of don't. =P Do they ring a bell? They're characters in a well-known children's series in Europe; from what I've heard, next in popularity only to Pippi Longstocking and Tintin.

  17. Enbrethiliel, LOL, I've never heard of the Moomins. I'll have to check it out.