Saturday, June 25, 2011

Review: The Vampire Stalker

Title The Vampire Stalker
By Allison Van Diepen
For Fun
Source So, Janssen from Everyday Reading had the envious opportunity to go to BEA and came home with stacks and stacks of books. I commented on how jealous I was and she asked me specifically what book I was jealous about and when I told her...she actually sent her copy to me! Wasn't that nice?!

First line There was a festive vibe in the air that reminded me of the Fourth of July.

Synopsis We've all had our book crushes, but what would you do if you saw yours in real life and he's just saved you from a vampire? This very thing has just happened to Amy and things are about to get a lot more exciting and maybe even a little dangerous.

General thoughts
Well, first off I have to thank Janssen again for sending me this copy of her book. I'm still so stunned at her kindness. I guess I'm not so willing to part with my books. I know, selfish much? So, onto the review. I think I expected a very silly story. I mean, a book character you have a crush on coming to life?! I expected much laughter but it was actually much more action packed. Not that, that's a bad thing it just wasn't quite what I had expected. But I digress, I enjoyed the book well enough, it was a fun fast read with lots of action and, come on, what a great premise. My only complaint was there were a few things to easily explained away that just weren't believable and the writing bothered me a little but I still liked the story and isn't that the main point?

Amy was what really made this story for me. She was sweet and helpful and could stand up for herself if necessary. She cared about her family and at one point when they're in danger instead of sticking around to make sure her guy's OK and making things worse, cause we all know that always makes things worse, she got the heck out of there and I was nodding my head thinking, "FINALLY!"  Alexander was quite the gentleman and yet he was a little to hard for my taste but he didn't irk me and that's something. Amy's friends were slightly absent and the relationship wasn't always believable but they came back strong in the end. Chrissy drove me properly nuts and was believable as an annoying eighth grader. Amy's mom?...yeah, way too absent to be believable.

Would I recommend it?
Yeah, but it's not amazing so I don't want to hear it if you hated it and are mad at me for recommending it. ;)


  1. Nice review! I love how honest it was about the writing style and characters. That was super nice of Janssen to send a copy to you!! I was on the fence about adding this book to my to-read pile when I first heard about it a couple of weeks ago. Part of me thought the character from a book idea could be interesting, but another part of me is tired of vampire novels at this point. Since you say it was enjoyable but not amazing I think I'm probably going to pass this one up then...although the cover is gorgeous!

  2. So Sorry! For some reason my comment got posted like 5 times so I deleted it!

  3. It sounds interesting, I might have to pick this one up.

  4. Natalie, Don't you just love computers? ;) I wanted to love the book and gush and gush but I had to be honest.

    Samantha, I hope you enjoy it if you do.

  5. That is so awesome of Jannsen! The premise does sound very fun. Glad you liked it sort of.

  6. Suey, Yeah, it would have been pretty bad if I hated it after how nice Janssen was.

  7. It wouldn't have offended me in the least if you'd hated it :)

    Glad you liked it, though! Pass it along to someone else, if you'd like, or hold on to it. It's all yours!

  8. Janssen, I'd still feel bad. I'll probably have my sister read it and then who knows. Maybe I'll keep it on my shelf because it's the only ARC I have and it makes me feel special. ;)