Thursday, November 10, 2011

Finally! My Take on e-Readers

I know, you've read tons of blog posts on e-Readers. Some for them and some against them, but I know you've all been dying to know my take on them. So here goes.

-First and foremost, the amount of books you can carry with you in one small, light weight device. Very nice!
-The amount of FREE books you can download.
-Digital freaks are being tricked into reading. ;)
-Some let you subscribe to magazines.
-You can read them in the dark.

Just one really...I can't help but wonder when that huge apocalypse come, (cause we all know it's coming)  and two weeks later your e-Reader battery dies, and there's no power to charge the battery, then what will you do?! Huh? Huh?!

I tease, I tease. I just can't help but think of that every time people go on and on about how great e-Readers are.

By the by, even solar powered ones would be rendered useless if some pollution cloud was covering the earth, or the sun blew up etc, etc.


  1. Hehe, I love this! I love my ereader A LOT but it is soooo frustrating when you're getting to a really good part of the story and the battery dies - and you can't even read it while it's charging! That doesn't happen with paper books :)

  2. Chrissie, Exactly! And now imagine not being able to charge it. I'd freak!

  3. Awesome post! I just want to point out that if the sun blew up, there will be no one around to worry about not charging their ereader. Besides in the event there is a zombie outbreak, the few people that survive will be too concerned about surviving to read a book. This post made my day, I had a good laugh Thank you!

  4. I actually think of the apocalypse thing too. Or, if I get stranded on a deserted island. That is a draw back and one I worry about, lol.

    But, my answer is that I'd own the zombie proof house by the time this apocalypse happens, so I'll live in a self-contained place with working electricity and water. I know they'll run out eventually, but hopefully the zombies will have died off by then and then we can work to rebuild our lives. If not ... I may just have to find another hobby.

    Um, I can read my Kindle while it's charging. What eBreader do you have, Chrissie?

  5. Loves it! I just can't get down with an e-reader I like the sound of turning pages, and being able to the pretty cover you've coveted for x months, not to mention the awesome book smell! Ppl don't sniff e-readers, at least i hope they don't lol

  6. Unabridged Bookshelf, Yes, there are a lot of variables to consider but I'd still rather have paper books. ;)

    Jenni, Meh, I'm not worried about a zombie apocalypse, but should it happen I'll come stay with you....With all my paper books. ;)

    Tristan, Yeah, I certainly hope people aren't smelling their e-Readers. LOL!

  7. I was dropping hints like no tomorrow around my birthday because I really wanted a ereader just because every other blogger seemed to have one and now that I have it...I'm not that interested. Super special screen or not, it still feels like I'm reading a computer screen so print books will always be my first love.

  8. Lan, I'm afraid that's what will happen if I give in and buy one. Besides taking it on trips with me I'd always choose the paper books.

  9. I completely agree - I have an e-reader, but so help me, I'll never give up my print books. In case of emergency, I'll have to save at least an entire bookshelf...

  10. That's my major concern, too. But we'll see. I just order two for Christmas presents. Aubree keeps going back and forth on whether or not she wants one. "It's just not the same as a book, mom" Says she. How right she is, And she's generation T (technology)
    I guess we'll see.

  11. Jenni - I've got a Sony ereader. Can't use it at all while it's charging :(

  12. Valid point on the apocalyptic downside of the e-reader...will keep that in mind.

    For now, though, I thoroughly enjoy mine - I live in the middle of freakin' nowhere (more or less) and the only way to access the kinds of fiction I enjoy is to wait months for the library to bring it in via interlibrary loan, OR...get it digitally. :) Thanks goodness for ebooks!

  13. Melissa, Yes, keep those paper books on hand just in case.

    Cowboy mom, Did you get one for you? I actually think it would be a great idea for you who doesn't have access to very many paper books.

    BJ, Yeah, if I lived in the middle of
    nowhere I'd definitely get one.

  14. I'm tempted to get one some day just for the fun gadget-ness of it. But I wouldn't know which one, though this convo has been me more on the Kindle side now and not on the Sony ereader! That little tidbit helped!

    I have a feeling I'd be spending double the money, one for the ething and one for the real.

    I need the feel and the smell too... so gah... I don't know!!

  15. I've hesitated in buying an e-reader. I think that they are great for travelling and getting free books (which by the way have you heard of NetGalley? Free digital ARC copies!), but some part of me still prefers print books. I really should break down and buy one though considering I'll need to understand how they work once I get a job in a library!

  16. LOL That's by far the best con I've ever read! "I like the feel and smell of a real book" just isn't as funny.

  17. Suey, I know I'm going to give in one day and get one but I won't stop buying hard cover books so...

    Natalie, Yeah, NetGalley is why I'm very seriously considering it.

    Bookfool, Thanks, I think it's funny but oh so true as well.