Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Review: Some Girls Are

Title Some Girls Are
By Courtney Summers
Source Library
Pages 256
Recommended by Jordyn

First sentence You're either someone or your not.

Same girl-almost-gets-raped-no-one-believes-her-friends-ostracize-her story we've seen done a million times. Only a lot stupider!

* Note* I'm going to start adding who recommended a book to me, either directly or indirectly through their blog, on my review posts. But...I just want everyone to know, you don't have to get offended if I didn't like it; I'm not blaming you. Everyone has different opinions and I never hold anyone responsible for a book I didn't like. I choose to read a book based on the synopsis not so much a recommendation so it's always MY fault. ;) 

General thoughts
As I said, this story has been done a lot. ie, Just Listen, Speak, and not so closely related, Mean Girls. I'm sure there's a million more and I'm sure there better than this one...maybe. I'm sorry, but this book offered no hope, no healing, and couldn't even manage some revenge. Not that revenge is great but after what happened to Regina and the way her friends treated her I sort of wanted her to have some revenge. When it became apparent that, that wasn't working I thought, "OK, now let her realized revenge isn't the answer" but did she? NO! Talk about pounding your head against a brick wall over and over again! And the popping antacids? Seriously? This girl was gonna over dose on calcium and give herself hypercalcemia or at the very least, kidney stones. Sheesh! I'll admit the book pulls you in and keeps you glued to the pages in disgust but that doesn't mean it's good, people. I was so pissed off one night I realized I needed to put the book down and do something calming so I could go to bed. The only reason I even finished it (later btw) was because I kept thinking it would have a better ending where Regina learned her lesson. Nope! No such luck! The whole point is, there are tons of books out there with the exact same story with a much better lesson and handle on the matter. Read them instead, not this crap!

Dumb, dumb, dumb and dumber. I won't waste the space.

Would I recommend it? 
Oh, you did not just ask that. ;) Move along people, far, far away from this book.


  1. Jenny I <3 you, it's official! Nobody else has a blog that makes me laugh out loud. I was walking through Walmart (by myself) and laughed, embarrassing but whatever. Great review!

  2. Tristan, That's the best compliment I can get for a review. Thanks!

  3. Oh crap... maybe I shouldn't have gotten this one, lol. I hear such good things about her stories. I wonder if it's just this one... hmm... looks like it has the best ratings out of her books. Wow. Anyways. I love your honesty! I'm still going to read it at some point next year. I have another one of her books to read first. I'll let you know if that one's any better.

  4. Jessica, My opinion is usually so different than everybody else, so don't worry. ;)