Saturday, November 26, 2011

Review: Eldest

Title Eldest (Inheritance 2)
By Christopher Paolini
For Fun
Pages 688
Recommended by Me

First Sentence The songs of the dead are the lamentations of the living.

The story of Eragon, the boy who found a dragon egg and becomes the first dragon rider for over a century, continues. Eragon and his dragon Saphira travel to Du Weldenvarden, the forest that houses the elves to receive training. Meanwhile, Roran, Eragon's cousin, must protect his village from the evil Raz' zac.

General thoughts
I think this is the third time I've read this book but it was the first time I really noticed all the similarities between it and LOTR and Star Wars. I guess I'm not very smart because lot's of people were outraged at this and hate the series because of it. Now that I have noticed it I'm still not bothered. I can see the influence of these books and movies on this series but I see the influence of Twilight and The Hunger Games in more books than I care to mention. I think when you grow up surrounded by a certain book or movie that's popular at the time you're going to be influenced. K, now that I've weighed in on that I'll get onto the review. I still stand by my previous opinions. I like this book. I like this series. It has great characters you care about. Adventure and excitement. Heartbreak and romance and even a touch of humor. It's just a great epic fantasy!

I love how we get to see the progression of Roran and how he becomes the man he does. I ADORE the relationship between Eragon and Saphira, it's what keeps bringing me back to this series over and over.

Would I recommend it? 
Yes, and don't be all close minded about it because it has some similarities to other books! Sheesh!


  1. I've only just come to terms with the fact that most books have similarities to other books and let's not forget the outrage that Star Wars is stolen from a bunch of Japanese stories itself. As long as it's not a blatant rip off and you love the story telling who cares?

  2. Lan, Agreed!

    Suey, Lol. I know, right?

  3. I only ever read the first book in this series and never got around to the other ones. I probably should considering I did honestly enjoy Eragon...even despite the similarities to Star Wars that I noticed right from the beginning. I loved the whole idea of a dragon rider! You've inspired me to potentially continue with this series :)

  4. Natalie, It's a great series and now that the rest are out you could just read them without waiting and waiting like I had too. ;)

  5. I enjoy the series too, and just don't care about the similarities. It's still a good story. :)