Monday, November 21, 2011

Classic Double Challenge 2012

K, I won't be participating in a ton of challenges this year but when Melissa from One Librarian's Book Reviews came up with this challenge I figured I could handle it. Plus I think it's an interesting challenge. Want to know what it is? Well, if you look very closely at the button up there you'll see that the "bread" is Pride and Prejudice and a retelling of P&P, Enthusiasm. Is it making sense yet? So, you read a classic and then either a retelling or a book that is closely related to that classic. What do you think? I think it's going to be a blast. This isn't just a challenge that you read a certain amount of books in a certain genre, but one were you get to do a fun post where you compare the two books. How interesting will that be? I'm excited!

There's different levels too.

Small: You read 2 related books.

Medium: You read 4 books (2 sets of related books).

Large: You read 6 books (3 sets of related books).

Super Size: You read 8 books (4 sets of related books).

I'll just be doing the small challenge. I haven't decided on the books yet, I'll have to think about it, but I'll come up with something. 

Care to join? Head on over to Melissa's blog and sign up. 


  1. Ah, thanks for the shout-out! Hope it's not too confusing...

  2. Melissa, The challenge or my post? ;) Cause I don't think I worded it very well.

  3. This actually sounds like something I could do. It would help me finally read P&P and then I could read P&P&Z as the comparison. Hmmm....

  4. Well, how creative of Melissa! :)

  5. Jenni, That would work. You should join.

    Suey, Wasn't it creative of her?

  6. Jenny, I meant my challenge post, not yours was confusing :) And thanks for making me feel creative!