Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Review: Fang

Title Fang (Maximum Ride 6)
By James Patterson
For Fun
Pages 336
Recommended by Me

First sentence I'm a girl of extremes.

Things are getting pretty crazy for Max. In Africa she meets yet another psycho doctor wanting to experiment on her and he's already experimenting on others. He's created another bird kid, a bird kid who's gorgeous and supposedly Max's perfect match. But Max is with Fang, her one true love, but according to Angel, Fang might not be around for much longer. Just another day in the life of Maximum Ride.

General thoughts
These books are so ridiculous. I loved the first three in the series but they've gotten a little bit agenda heavy and the writing leaves something to be desired. Their saving grace is the great characters. I had a hard time getting into this one, probably because I just wasn't in the mood, but once I got back into the swing of things and remembered all the fun characters and their personalities, it became a lot more enjoyable. So, yeah, the writing is silly, you can't walk away with out a 'save the earth' message being shoved down your throat, but if you like characters and crazy adventures these books are just fun.

Max, Come on, you have to like Max. She kicks butt and loves fiercely.
Fang, Dark, silent, brooding. What's not to love?
Iggy, I think I'm developing a little crush on him, I wish he'd be highlighted more...without all the angst, of course.
Gazzy, Such a cute kid. And who wouldn't want his skills in a fight?
Angel, Sorry, but she's getting more and more annoying to me. There. I said it.
Dylan, Hmmm, I'm very, very intrigued.
Total and Akila, Wasn't much to them this time.
Jeb, I'm with Max, I still don't quite trust him.

Would I recommend it? 
Yeah, the fourth one was annoying but the rest are just fun...once you get past the writing. ;)


  1. Hmm I didn't know James Patterson wrote anything but crime novels and suspense thrillers. The covers not that great is it? I do like the play on Max's name though.

  2. Lan, Yeah, I think these are ghost written but they're fun anyway. I forgot to mention the cover! I was going to point out how much I hated this cover, that is NOT what Fang looks like!

  3. I totally thought I commented on this post already, but I guess I just thought it. Now... what was it?

    I think it was just simply... I'll read this for Fang. Anything for Fang! :)