Sunday, November 20, 2011

Sunday Salon

Welcome to the new Sunday Salon. A weekly update post about my boring life. ;)

Weather Small Talk: It snowed last night for the first time...well, in my city. Sigh, I guess winter is here. 

On The Idiot Box: I missed a few shows this week. I'll have to catch up on them later. Can I just say how obsessed I am with The Big Bang Theory? I started watching it when they started playing reruns and it's so funny. 

Weekly Reads: I finished A Tree Grows in Brooklyn. I was a little worried I wouldn't manage in time for book club, but no worries. I'm still working on Eldest as part of my rereading and I got Shatter Me in the mail and just had to start reading it straight away. So far, so good. 

Crazy Kitty: Buns has taken to sleeping under the covers  again. Does that mean it really IS as cold in my apartment as I think it is???

Movie of the Week: I didn't see any movies this week. :( How very boring. In my defense it was a crazy week and I hardly had time for anything. 

Food Talk: Ugh, I've been eating like crap because of the above mentioned craziness and it's back to the diet for me! I did make a sauteed veggies and ham with whole wheat pasta and parmesan cheese and spices dish. It's so easy and REALLY good. 

Soccer Sightings: Whilst in Salt Lake this afternoon, for my brothers wedding, I saw a Soccer store and immediately pulled into the parking lot. I FINALLY got a window decal for my car and a 2012 Calender of all my boys. Whoo hoo!  

Music Discoveries: I've jumped on to the bandwagon a little late and have been listening to this one all week. It's great for working out to. 

Question of the Week: Ugh, is there an easy way to eat healthy when you're running around like crazy and hardly ever home?! 


  1. I've never really watched The Big Bang Theory but my husband watches it and absolutely loves it!

    And as for your question of the week I don't know the answer - but if you find out can you let me know :)

  2. Chrissie, No answers here. And during the holidays it so much worse!

  3. Gosh, I've been hearing so much about Shatter Me lately... I hope you like it!

    Yeah for the soccer treats! Fun!

  4. The Big Bang Theory is brilliant comedy. I've been a fan since day one. I'm kind of a nerd (sometimes), and I hang out with nerds. I love that more people are discovering it since they syndicated it. :)

    Your question... I've been struggling with this one lately. Honestly, there's no easy way. My mom and I pack PB&J sandwiches for work on whole wheat bread. Sometimes salads here and there. Everything else is TV dinners.

  5. Now I'm tempted to start all my comments here with: "Jenny?" *knock knock* "Jenny?" *knock knock* "JENNY?"

    Big Bang Theory is hilarious. I don't watch many sitcoms, but I've a warm spot in my heart for the nerds in all of us, so I thoroughly enjoy this one - the characterization is brilliant, and the chemistry/timing of the cast is SO good. Love it!

  6. I love the new background, very pretty :)

    I think its so funny that you love The Big Bang Theory -- my husband has become obsessed with this show as well, and since it's on almost every night on one channel or the other, he has been watching them non-stop. Of course, I had to tune in at some point to see what it was all about, and now I watch with him, lol.

    I hear you about it being hard to eat well while on the run; I tend to use Amy's frozen entrees/pizzas when I'm having a crazy week -- you can generally find pretty healthy things among her offerings, although others are pretty heavy on the fat -- you have to search the labels.

    Hope you enjoy A Tree Grows in Brooklyn; that is one of my all-time favorite books.

  7. Suey, Yeah, Shatter Me sure is getting a lot of buzz.

    Jessica, It's a shame I haven't been watching TBBT from the beginning. I'm such a nerd deep down that I get all the references. I think that's why it's so funny.

    BJ, LOL! My name does work for that doesn't it? Ha ha. I love my inner nerd too.

    TheBookGirl, I'm so glad they syndicated TBBT. I wouldn't have gotten into it if they hadn't. That would have been a shame.