Sunday, November 13, 2011

Sunday Salon

Welcome to the new Sunday Salon. A weekly update post about my boring life. ;)

Weather Small Talk: It's been overcast and rainy and cold. Perfect fall weather! Agreed?

On The Idiot Box: Why the blazes is The Vampire Diaries having it's mid season finale already? Argh! I was hoping for something to happen between Damon and Elaina but no! Supernatural was a silly filler episode but those are often the most enjoyable ones. But, ah, the look on Dean face when Sam said he was getting married. Too funny!

Weekly Reads: I finished The River Between Us by Richard Peck and Fang by James Patterson, both quick reads and started Eldest by Christopher Paolini and A Tree Grows in Brooklyn.

Crazy Kitty: Buns has now figured out that it's me controlling the laser pointer she plays with but instead of losing interest she now insists I play with her every night. She sits and stares expectantly at me every night before I go to bed waiting for me to pull it out.

Movie of the Week: I saw Tower Heist this week and, though it didn't look too great in the previews, I loved it! It was hilarious and had a great ending. Any one else seen it yet?

Food Talk: 
I made some whole wheat and honey pumpkin cookies with butterscotch and milk chocolate chips. Really good but I have way too many left!  

Soccer Sightings: Sigh, my boys are off playing with their international teams so I didn't have a game this week but here's a hot pic anyway. ;)

Music Discoveries: I heard this on The Secret Circle, a show I don't particularly like but watch anyways.  Yeah, I'm weird that way. Anywho, I thought the song was kinda cool in a depressing sort of way. ;) BTW, the video is psycho but whatever.

M83 - Wait from Boris Winter on Vimeo.

Question of the Week: I went to a local librarie's teen book festival yesterday and learned all about the difference between "true" dystopian and post apocalyptic books. So, why do we group them together when, in reality, they're so different?


  1. Too funny; my Let's Talk About post today was on the dystopian/post-apocalypse thing. Guess we're all thinking along the same lines!

    I think we tend to lump them together because of the similarities - defective society, a world remarkably different (and usually worse than) ours, etc., although there are definitely some significant differences.

  2. Awesome new look to your Sunday post! Did you make the kitty button? I love it!

    Good question about dystopian vs. apocalyptic. My big question... why doesn't my computer recognize dystopian as a word?

    Yes, I agree the song is pretty cool. Great pic of Dean and Sam too!

    Now, I'm off to try and write my post before church!

  3. Ooh, those cookies look yummy! Maybe you could send some my way ;)

    My cat loves playing with the laser pointer too! She just goes crazy for it, and my two young boys just laugh hysterically whilst watching her. It's a great way to keep everybody entertained!

  4. BJ, The funny thing is, I hadn't even thought about it before but they are both so different. It's funny that we lump them together.

    Suey, Yeah, I snapped the picture of my kitty sniffing my book and thought it would make a cute button. My computer doesn't recognize dystopian or utopian. What the heck?! Maybe it doesn't believe in either. ;)

    Chrissie, If I could guarantee the cookies would make it in once piece I'd definitely send you some. I can't help but laugh every time my cat races around chasing the laser pointer.

  5. Ahh laser pointers. Where would we be without this device? It's like tv for pets. My poor dog is obsessed with it. Tower Heist looks like a real gag. Glad you enjoyed it. I love when things exceed your expectations.

  6. I love your picture selection this week. Cute boys and delicious cookies always work for me. :) I love that your cat likes the laser pointer, even if it knows you're the one running it. Cats are so silly sometimes. I always think I'll never be a pet person but maybe someday I'll cave for a cat.

  7. Lan, I love when things exceed your expectations. And this movie totally did.

    Kathy, I'm glad you enjoyed my picture selections. I love that my cat figured out it was me but just doesn't care.

  8. 1. I am so sad about Vamp Diaries being done till January! WTH! I just got addicted this year so I've been doing marathons with two to three episodes a day and now that I'm finally caught up I am in serious withdrawal! And I know...I was totally hoping Damon and Elaina would kiss..seemed like such a touching moment!

    2. Please send me some of those cookies!

    3. I'm enjoying this song you posted :) I love when tv shows let you discover new music!

  9. Oh, you are in trouble, now! My cat figured out I control the laser almost immediately and she also knows the words "play lasers". So, I just say, "You want to go play lasers?" or even just "Lasers?" and she zips out to the place where we play. Today, she thought she wanted to play but she also wanted to sprawl on her back, so we'd play for a while and then she'd do her little tabby sprawl and half-heartedly paw at the dot on the floor. I'd leave for a while, she'd fetch me and . . . same thing. It was hilarious! Cats are such a hoot. Love your button pic!

  10. Natalie, I know, I'm so mad about Vampire Diaries. :( And I really wanted that kiss!

    Bookfool, Oh no! I hope she doesn't figure out what it's called. And after two minutes my cat just flops down and gives up, she's pretty lazy.