Sunday, November 27, 2011

Sunday Salon

Welcome to the new Sunday Salon. A weekly update post about my boring life. ;)

Weather Small Talk: It's cold, cold, cold but no snow...yet.

On The Idiot Box: With it being Thanksgiving week here in the US not many new shows were on. So I've been watching old re-runs of Myth Busters. Love those guys! 

Weekly Reads: Ugh! I have to keep reminding myself I WANTED to re-read the Inheritance series. I'm enjoying it but I'm getting soooo overwhelmed trying to finish it on time. Did I mention the author is coming to my local library on Friday? Cause he is, and I really want to be done with them all by then. I finished Eldest and am re-reading Brisinger but I'm going to have to read 200+ pages a day to finish it and Inheritance by Friday. So Shatter Me is on the back burner and it might be a little quiet around here this week. 

Crazy Kitty: It's my fault! She kept bugging me all night on Friday and it wasn't till I got up the next morning that I realized why. She was all out of food. :( 

Movie of the Week: I saw J. Edgar with my mother on Friday...ugh! It was supposed to be about the history of the man and how he started the FBI. At least that's what I thought. It ended up going on and on about how supposedly he was gay. Whatever!  I will say I was so freaking impressed with the make up, though. Check it out! That's Leonardo Decaprio, people! 

Food Talk: You know when you get to gorge on the holidays? Ignore the diet for one day? Yeah, well I waiting all week for Thursday (Thanksgiving) and then gorged...for like two seconds. I was so full I felt sick the rest of the day! Sigh! 

Soccer Sightings: After working out on Tuesday I didn't have time to shower before my soccer game so I flipped on the TV and started watching, figuring I'd shower at half time. 8 minutes in my boys had already scored three times. :) I went and showered. By the time I got out they'd scored again! Way to go, guys! (in case you don't know...that's nearly unheard of!) 

Music Discoveries: Wow! I heard this one on the radio the other day...How have I not heard of Christina Perri? Now I'm loving a bunch of her songs! 

Question of the Week: Is it crazy that I went to the Walmart's Black Friday sale at 10:00 PM, had to park in a completely different parking lot, hike all the way to the store, swim through masses of people only to find that the item I wanted was sold out and to just buy cat food? I'm kinda thinking yeah. ;)  I kinda felt like screaming at the top of my lungs, while holding up the bag of cat food, "I got it. I got it! Mwha ha ha!" 


  1. My Black Friday experience at Wal-mart was very similar to yours... I parked in a different lot, hiked to the store, and came out with a $10 pair of jeans and a bag of bows. Then I waited in line at Kohls for 1 1/2 hours. At Kohls I wanted to yell "Score!" since I was close enough to the front of the line to actually get in and get everything I wanted... and then I waited in line to check out for another hour plus.

  2. That is a great soccer game! Maybe you showering will be their lucky charm. I am not a Black Friday shopper, mostly because crowds of people normally make me angry (and the pepper spray nonsense that went on in that Walmart if CA is just crazy!) but I envy the peeps that get out and get the deals (without spraying pepper spray or trampling old ladies).

    And I'm loving Christina Perri too!

  3. I didn't know what Black Friday was until I read about it on a couple of American blogs. You guys are game. I wouldn't venture anywhere near a store with a sale one. People turn rapid when there's savings to be had. Hope you get some reading done! Re-reading books can be good and bad at the same time can't it?

  4. Adams Family, I'm sure I made the most original purchase of the night.

    Lori, Ah, the things we do for a sale.

    Kate, I've never been to a Walmart on black Friday for that very reason. CRAZY!

    Lan, Yes, re-reading is good and bad all in one.

  5. I've been hearing so many crazy stories about Black Friday! Kind of makes me glad I live in the UK ;)

    Good luck with your re-read. I've got the first three books in that series sitting on my shelf and I haven't been brave enough to pick them up yet. The length of the books intimidates me too much :)

  6. Chrissie, They are long but besides the third they move pretty quickly. Black Friday is soooo nuts. Fun, but nuts!

  7. The stores here in Canada are trying to hype up their version of Black Friday, but since our Thanksgiving is way back in October, it tends to fall dismally flat here in November! LOL

    I'm looking forward to reading your review of Shatter Me - I just finished it, and need to let my reaction simmer a day or two before I review.

    I need to read the Inheritance series; my son wants to read the books and I should scout them out first. (Do you think they're appropriate for a nine year old? He's read all the Harry Potter books, the 39 clue series, all the Percy Jackson books...)

  8. BJ, I think they're appropriate but probably he's still a bit young to really get into them. Make sense?

  9. Mwahahaha!!!!I shopped all day on line. It drove me absolutely crazy!!! but I got everything I wanted.
    Keep up the reading. I'm right in the middle of Brisingr I think it's funny how much I'm enjoying it. yeah it's dragging a bit, with filler but I'm really enjoying Paolini's writing.... A Lot!!!

  10. Cowboy mom, I really should try the on line thing more often. I'm enjoying Brisingr better this time around.

  11. Oh my word, this Friday! Already? I was totally forgetting that it was this Friday! December this week! Oh my word!

  12. Suey, I know! I'm freaking out! I'm spending so much time reading I've accomplished nothing for days!

  13. I <3 Christina Perri! She's amazing!
    And the Walmart story made me smile lol...Canada is just starting to jump on the Black Friday bandwagon...but I get so anxious just watching the people on the news in the stores that I think if I actually went to a store on Black Friday I would have a panic attack! lol

  14. i love Christina Perri! AND O.M.G. That's Leo??!?!?!?! HOLYYYYYYYY MOLY. WOWIE. I need to go see this movie! and yay! have fun at the signing :)

  15. Natalie, It takes a lot of determination and strength to shop on black friday, that's for sure. ;)

    iLuvReadingTooMuch, I know! Right?! It was freaking me out the whole movie!

  16. I watched Myth Busters, too! I got frustrated, actually, when I noticed they *changed the question* at the end of one episode and called something a myth. I peppered my husband with questions about that one because, while it was not his particular field, I knew people he works with do the research for the application they were describing. He told me, "They know the answers going in. They've actually sent their people to our labs." Oh, man. Another "reality" show's image bites the dust. But, it's awfully fun to watch and I always feel like I learn something.

    Haha. I've done that with the cats. They knock things off the dresser, counters, etc., when they want attention -- well, Izzy does, anyway. Fi just jumps up and over me (sometimes landing in a sensitive spot like my belly and getting an "oof" out of me). At least they're clear when they want something. LOL

    So funny about your Black Friday experience! Hey, I'm always excited when I find the store has our cat food. :)

  17. Bookfool, Oh man! That's depressing about Myth Busters. Oh well, I only watch old re-runs anyway, and at least I don't know what the answer is till the end.

    My cat isn't REALLY bad so I shouldn't complain, I just take sleep WAY too seriously.