Sunday, November 6, 2011

Sunday Salon

And now a bunch of useless information you never wanted to know about me. ;-)

Outside my window: It's a dark brisk lovely fall night.

I am listening to: Nothing new this week.

I am watching: So I tried watching Once Upon A Time but it just wasn't very impressive. I'm liking Grimm better but even it's a little weird.

I am thinking: My brain is still back in the nap I took today and I don't know how I'm up and functioning.

I am grateful for: FINALLY learning how to breathe properly while jogging! Seriously. I finally get what an exercise high is!

I am reading: I haven't read anything for three days! EEEK! I've been busy with family stuff this weekend and I'm reading Fang by James Patterson and it's just not good enough to keep
me glued. 

I am photographing: My nephews Halloween costumes. 

I am listing: Well, when my brain starts working I'm going to come up with some fun new topics for this post. Maybe. ;)

Around the house: All the leaves from my neighbors trees have dumped their leaves all over my driveway. Believe it or not I wasn't horribly upset about it and had planned to clean them up tomorrow when I heard said neighbor out there tonight sweeping them up! How nice! I thanked him and I'll have to bring them cookies.

From the kitchen: It's that time of year again! I love, love, love this kind of ice cream and went on quite the adventure to get
my hands on it!  

One of my favorite things: Finally being in my own place. I love my family but after spending time with them and all those kids, it's so nice to be able to come home to a QUIET apartment.

The children this week: No kids just my cat Buns and she did the funniest most human thing last week. I was playing with one of those laser pointers and she was chasing the light and pounced on it right as I turned it off. When I pointed the light back on about a foot away from her she did a double take and then slowly peeked under her paws. She was so sure she had caught that tricksy light. ;) 

Plans for the week: I need to get some reading done. Plus it's my sisters birthday and I believe we're going to see a movie.

Thanks to Ibeeeg of Polishing Mud Balls for the inspiration for this post's layout.


  1. OMG, how cute are your nephews!!I really wish we had a proper Halloween in Australia. I've been busy for the weekend as well with my sister's wedding so there's been no time to blog/read/write. How come that kind of ice cream only comes out for a limited time? Is it a Christmas thing?

  2. I watched the first episode of Grimm and was ho hum. Last night I caught just bits and pieces of Once Upon a Time and liked it better... what I saw anyway. What a dilemma, huh?

    I love that ice cream too!

    Fang's not so good? Shoot.

    I haven't read much lately either. Weird when that happens.

  3. Lan, Yeah, family often gets in the way of reading. ;) That ice cream is indeed a Christmas thing.

    Suey, How funny that you liked Once Upon a Time better and I like Grimm better. These reading brakes never last that long but they freak me out.

  4. I just watched the first episode of Grimm and admittedly I didn't LOVE it like I thought that I would, but I do think that it has a ton of potential and from their teeny preview I saw that Nana Visitor will be guest starring soon which I'm insanely excited about.

    Haven't gotten a chance to catch up with Once Upon a Time though - that'll have to be for later this week. :)

    ...that ice cream looks so, so delicious!

  5. Kaye, I think Grimm has potential but they better hurry and get to it or the show is going to lose watchers fast. The ice cream is sooooo good!