Saturday, September 10, 2011

Review: City of Bones

Title City of Bones (Mortal Instruments 1)
By Cassandra Clare
For Fun
Source I own it

First Sentence "You've got to be kidding me," the bouncer said, folding his arms across his massive chest.

Um, do I really need to tell you guys what this was about...really? Well, if you're the last person on the planet who hasn't read this series yet, don't feel too bad; I'm just getting started myself. Out with her best friend, one night, Clary witnesses two demon hunters kill a demon. If that isn't strange enough, Clary learns she shouldn't have been able to see them at all. Then Clary's mom is kidnapped and Clary must learn all about these demon (shadow) hunters to save her mom.

General thoughts
I'm sure there are a lot of you out there who probably think I'll tear these books to itty bitty pieces just because they're popular. Well, the truth is, besides the fact that I went in with incredibly low expectations, and already knowing the big "twist" at the end because I probably am the last person to read these books, I liked it. Are you shocked? So am I. I think this one had a whole Harry Potter vibe going for it. Now before you read that sentence again, let me explain. Girl isn't what she thought she was. Learns about a whole world she didn't know see where I'm going with this? Anyways, there was also something about the adverb heavy writing style that reminded me of HP too and, needless to say, I like those HP books, so it wasn't that far of a reach for me to like this one too.  I was warned the beginning was a little slow and I totally disagree; I was engaged the entire time. I liked the back story, I liked the adventure, I loved the snarky dialogue, and I think there was only one mention of how a guy smelled. ;) But that's a different post entirely. ;)

Clary: I really liked her She actually acts like a 15 year old. I liked her loyalty and I liked how she wasn't suddenly an awesome fighter just because she was a shadow hunter.
Jace: Meh, he had some good lines but I wasn't impressed with his golden halo hair and eyes. *eye roll* My opinion might have been tainted since I knew going in about the "twist".
Simon: Sorry, I haven't the faintest idea where these books will go, but I liked Simon better as a love interest. I always like the "good" guy....mostly ;)
Alec and Isabelle: I pair them together because I didn't feel like we really got to know them quite yet. I liked Alec but Isabelle is kind of a snob but I think that's her thing so...
Luke: Loved him!!!! There aren't even words.
Valentine: Perfect villain! You just can't help but hate him; even before you meet him.

Would I recommend it? 
Um, to whom? I think everyone else has read it by now. But if you haven't, then, yeah, I would.


  1. Simon is my favorite too. I'm anxious for the third book because he is on the cover which means I hope he has a featured role.

    How'd you know about the twist? Sheesh, that would have bugged me to know that all along through the book!

    Glad you liked it though.

  2. Suey, Wow, is this the first time we've like the same guy? ;) I knew about the twist because I'm the last to read it. I just saw too many reviews and heard too many people talking.

  3. I read this one ages ago and I can't remember anything about the writing or the plot. The only thing I remember is that I couldn't deal with the big *twist* I'm usually pretty tolerant but seriously. Kinda killed my interest.

  4. Lan, Yeah, my niece felt the same way after this one. I'll go ahead and stick with it to see what happens. The story itself doesn't bother me.

  5. I don't think I would have minded if the twist happened and the two leads handled it better but they still carried on despite what they knew...deeply disturbing!

  6. Lan, Wait they keep carrying on?! Ewwww!

  7. Oops! Didn't mean to drop the spoiler...these books are so similar I always forget which is which...but now that you know, they kinda do just secretly still wanna be together. Yuk

  8. Huh I am surprised! But yeah! Simon is great, until the fourth book, imo. I could have done without that book entirely in fact.

  9. Lan, Oh, you're fine. I worried they might carry on but I hoped they wouldn't.

    Melissa, Yeah, I'm trying to decide if I'll even read the fourth one.

  10. I read City of Bones years ago, and gave it up because of The Twist and resulting ick factor.

    I'm debating whether to try the Devices series, or not...I feel like I should give Cassandra Clare another chance, but I'm scared.
    *ducks to avoid flying tomatoes*

  11. Um, I've never heard of these books. So I didn't read all of your blog in case there were spoilers. So you are recommending them, right? Maybe I'll read them, I mean after I start and finish the Stephen King book that nobody mentioned was over 1000 pages. AH

  12. BJ, No flying tomatoes here. ;) It seems a lot of people gave up after the first because of that but I'm willing to keep going.

    Adams Family, Hmmmm, I can't decide if you'd like them. We'll be starting Under the Dome at the beginning of October and doing update posts with questions and stuff if you want to join. Or, since it's so long, you can just read it whenever.

  13. I'm a little shocked that you liked this. I actually raced through this book, once I got over the horrific writing. She can certainly spin a plot. I'll get to the rest of the series eventually; I think.

  14. So have you heard spoilers for the whole series, or just the first one? I had heard about it before I read this series but I thought there were enough other things going that it didn't matter if I knew it or not. I'm happy you liked it better than you expected.

  15. Jessica, I know I was shocked too. I think it was the low expectations going in. ;)

    Kathy, Um, pretty much just that specific twist. I'm trying to hurry and read the rest before more things are revealed to me.

  16. I surprised myself by really liking these books, too. Maybe not great literature, but a fun escape. I'm glad I'm not the only *discerning* reader who digs them :)

  17. I read this book kind of late too ( a couple of months ago) but I didn't know about the ending so it totally caught me off guard! I was def a Jace fan but now I'm not too sure! I haven't gotten around to the second book yet though :P should probably do that :P

  18. Susan, Yeah, writing aside, these books have some fun adventure that keeps you hooked.

    Natalie, At least you didn't know what happened at the end. I'm just trying to read the rest as quickly as possible before anything else gets revealed to me.