Thursday, September 22, 2011

Review: Desires of the Dead

Title Desires of the Dead (Body Finder 2)
By Kimberly Derting
For Fun
Source I own it

First sentence Violet leaned forward on her hands and knees over the frozen landscape.

Violet senses the echos of those who have been murdered but when she anonymously call the police to tell them where to find a body her whole life turns upside down. It seems she wasn't as anonymous as she thought and now a profiler who works for the FBI is questioning her and seems to know about her ability. And then there's Rafe, the strange, cute boy who works with the profiler who may have abilities of his own.

A review in letter form
Dear, Desires of the Dead, I want you to sit down and shut up while I air some grievances with you. First of all, I only read you because I'd already bought you; after the first disappointing book I had no desire to continue, but I owned you so I felt obligated to read you.

How dare you introduce a new character who would intrigue me! How dare you bring in the tiniest of plot twists to wrap me up in your over telling-not-showing pages! With all that telling there was absolutely no way I could judge Violet's ridiculous, childish actions; not when I was "told" so clearly why she was doing them. Dang you for making me relate and understand. I still am disgusted with Jay and his possessiveness, his unrealistic perfect boyfriend actions but now you've gone and given me hope that maybe, just maybe, Violet won't end up with him.

You and your next book in the series better not disappoint! Now go, your brainwashing has done its damage.


  1. Ha ha! Your review is clever and funny. I love it. Even with all the flaws, I'm even more intrigued to read because of your review.

  2. Jenny, you so totally and completely made my day. I couldn't stop giggling to myself. I wish I had your boldness!

  3. Hahaha funniest review ever. Love this!

  4. Jenni, I know! Stupid book. :(

    Jessica, :) I'm glad I made you laugh.

    iwriteinbooks, Thanks.

  5. I love the review in letter form. And I'm happy this one caught your interest a little more than first. :) I didn't think it was as creepy but I liked the idea of other people with talents like Violet's. I know they're cheesy but I'm still going to read the rest of them.

  6. Kathy, They're more than cheesy but now I have to read the rest too! Stupid books. :(

  7. Oh I'm so glad to know you are susceptible to the crummy book but I read it anyway syndrome! Loved this review.

  8. Melissa, Oh I totally feel this way all the time. I felt this way about Firelight and I kinda feel this way about The Mortal Instruments books too.

  9. LOL!! *LOVE* this review! so funny! I really didn't like TBF at all but you've given me hope that maybe, just maybe, the series will get better!

    The Cait Files

  10. Cait, I don't know if I'd call this one better but it does make you want to know what happens.