Friday, September 30, 2011

Under the Dome Group Read

Hey, everyone! For The R.I.P Challenge   Suey and I are hosting a group read of Under the Dome by Stephen King for the Peril of the Group Read Challenge. 
Yeah, it's a big one and we needed group support. ;) Here's the schedule we're going to try to stick to.

Oct. 1:  Begin reading
Oct. 7:  Discuss first ten sections (up to "This is not as bad as it gets" page 213) 
Oct. 14: Discuss next six sections (up to "In the Jug")        page 497
Oct. 21: Discuss next four sections (up to "Busted" page 757
Oct. 28: Discuss last five sections (the end!)

Each Friday we'll be having some fun discussion posts. So if there's any last interested parties you're welcome to join us. Just let me know in the comments and I'll email you with the details. I started reading it last night and have already been sucked in!


  1. If only I wasn't so bogged down with books, I'd join you guys. But, I feel like I have so much to read between now and our book club that I better bow out, lol. Have fun and good luck!

  2. Jenni, I know the feeling, don't worry. ;)

  3. Looking forward to the discussion with you and the others!

  4. Thanks for organizing! I'm around p.100 or so (yes, I am on track!) and things are starting to get interesting.

  5. Bellezza, Me too!

    Selina, Whoohoo! It is getting good isn't it?

  6. Yeah, I was a bit confused by the multiple characters, but now it starts to come together a bit.