Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Yeah, I'm that out of post ideas

For some reason I'm having absolutely no post ideas so I'm going to bore you with the TV shows I'm checking out this fall season.  Yeah, boring, I know. Well, here we go.

The new...

I can't decide if this is going to suck or not but I'll give it a shot.  (premiers Oct. 23rd)

This one has potential...I think. (premiers Sep. 26th)

I don't usually get into sitcoms but I like Zooey Deschanel and this one looks fun. (premiers Sep 20th)

This one premiered last night and I'm intrigued. (premiered Sep. 13th)

I'm skeptical but I have this weird fondness for Thomas Dekker so....(premiers Sep. 15th)

This one looks better than Once Upon a Time but we'll see. (premiers Oct. 21st)

And the return of the old...

I'm losing interest in this one. (premiers Oct 3rd)

I'm glad this one is coming back, it's rather amusing. (premiers Sep 21st)

Yeah, I'm addicted to this ridiculous show. (premiers Sep. 14th)

Agenda pushing aside, I'll always be a fan. (premiers Sep 21st)

Is this Damon's year? ;) (premiers Sep. 15th)

 After that cliffhanger ending last season I'm on pins and needles! (premiers Sep. 22nd)

Can't wait!!! (premiers Sep. 23rd)

Hmmm, do I watch too much TV? Don't answer that. So, you checking any of these new ones out?


  1. Some of those sound interesting. Since we don't have TV, I'll have to check them out via streaming. (Plus I don't have to put up with the endless commercials.)

  2. I confess, I think America's Next Top Model is interesting. So much drama and skeeze, but I occasionally watch reruns. :) I've never seen Supernatural, but those are sure some good looking boys. Is that on cable or regular TV?
    (I get like 5 channels, and they usually involve animated shows or someone bursting out in the ABC song, so I don't watch much grown up TV)

  3. Yay TV junkie!
    I watched the preview for Ringer and it looked good. I want to check out Terra Nova as well.
    I am not sure why I keep watching ANTM because everytime one of the girls screams, or cries or Tyra says smize I want to throw something at the TV, but it's just so addictive!

  4. Ow and I can't wait for X-Factor!!! I am watching the British version at the moment and it makes me laugh so much. The US version should be good too! I think they will air both the US version and the UK version, so that's four episodes a week... :)

  5. I'm tossing up being a TV addict or a reading/writing addict this summer. There's just so much to read/watch. I'm interested in Ringer but only because I'll watch anything with Sarah Michelle Gellar in it! Looking forward to the return of Gossip Girl though.

  6. I lost interest in House a long time ago. I love House the character, but House the show just seems like the same old same old each and every episode.

    I've decided not to get involved in any new shows this year. This is due partly to time, or lack thereof. But, it's also because I hate investing in a show and then having it canceled, like Lie to Me or V! I'll wait until the show is done in its entirety and then Netflix it. ;)

  7. Although, I do have to admit that I'll probably watch New Girl because my husband is in love with Zooey (and I like her too) and Terra Nova does look like it has potential.

  8. Megan, You're probably better off without TV. It's far to addicting.

    Kathy, Oh, dear. You need to start from season one of Supernatural and watch it. There were a few shaky years but I LOVE it!

    Selina, Lol, my sister and I watch ANTM and we get so sick of Tyra and all the drama but we love the photo shoots and seeing the finished product. I don't know if I'll try The X Factor.

    Lan, I saw the premier of The Ringer last night and it was pretty good.

    Jenni, You're better off not getting addicted to s bunch of shows. I hate when they get cancelled too! I can't decide if I'll try Terra Nova.

  9. I watch a lot of tv too! I'm all set to watch many of the new shows you are watching too. And heck yes for The Vampire Diaries and Supernatural! I can't wait.

  10. Haha I was thinking about doing a similar post like this yesterday! I love the start of the new tv season! I think Once Upon a Time looks like a flop to me....I'm definitely looking forward to Grimm a lot more... but i think I'm going to check it out always! I'm also pumped for New Girl! I think it looks so good! Terra Nova has gotten a lot of hype...although it kind of looks like Lost redone...but it could be good! I've already gotten myself hooked on Camelot! So many good shows!

  11. Trisha, I know! I'm so excited for both those shows.

    Natalie, I'd love if you did a post on what shows you'll be watching. I'd like to know. I think Once Upon A Time is going to flop too. I'm not that invested, though, so it's all good.

  12. Hmmm... the only new show that has stuck in my head is that Terra Nova one... but there was another advertised tonight during Survivor that had whatisface (the bad guy from Lost and now I can't think of his name) oh... Ben? from Lost and Jim Cavizel also known as Edmund Dantes in it. That looked intriguing too.

    And I would SO watch Supernatural as one of my new Netflix addictions if only it was streaming on there! Dang it!

  13. Suey, I don't know why but Terra Nova looks like some bad scifi channel movie to me; I can't bring my self to even check it out. You should rent the first season of Supernatural on DVD then. ;) At least see if you like it.

  14. I enjoyed Harry's Law too. I will watch Kathy Bates in just about anything!

  15. TheBookGirl, She cracks me up in this one, plus she has so much heart.

  16. I have yet to see the premiere of TVD and Secret Circle, I'll try to do it this weekend :)

  17. Book Purring, I hope you enjoy them. I'm still up in the air about The Secret Circle.